Million Moment Mission

  1. Thursday, 6/28/12

    A Million Moment Mission Shopping Spree

    In honor of National Park and Recreation Month in July, we’re providing another way to contribute to L.L.Bean’s Million Moment Mission.   We’ll donate $1 for every L.L.Bean purchase made (by web, phone and stores) from 6 a.m. ET, June 29, 2012, through 11:59 p.m. ET, July 8, 2012, to the National Park Foundation’s “America’s… More

  2. Wednesday, 5/23/12

    Our Fourth Million Moment Mission Update

    It’s been four months since we announced the Million Moment Mission – our mission to donate $1 million to the National Park Foundation, and we wanted to give you an update on our progress so far.   As of this month, 291,561 moments have already been shared. That’s $291,561 for the National Park Foundation – over… More

  3. Saturday, 4/21/12

    Discover Something with Steve

    What have you discovered in the great outdoors lately? That’s the question we’re asking as L.L.Bean launches the “Discover Something” campaign in celebration of our 100th anniversary. We encourage you to get outside today and explore nature with a fresh outlook, and we’d love to hear what you discover.   To offer a little inspiration,… More

  4. Friday, 4/20/12

    Three Months into the Million Moment Mission—a Visit to Boston

    This past weekend, our 13-foot-tall Bootmobile rolled into Boston for four days of giveaways, Outdoor Discovery Schools activities and visits to our local L.L.Bean stores. We were thrilled to see how many of you in Beantown love L.L.Bean Boots – and how many of you came out to support us! From photos with Wally the… More

  5. Thursday, 4/12/12

    Discover Something with L.L.Bean

    Anything can be a discovery – a new rock formation, a secret hiking path or the muddy banks of your neighborhood stream. It’s all there waiting for you. For 100 years, L.L.Bean’s been dedicated to helping you discover the great outdoors, whether your journey finds you hiking the tallest peak in the country or camping… More

  6. Wednesday, 3/28/12

    Quality Is Timeless: the 100th Anniversary Trout Knife

    A knife, much like a watch, a fishing rod or a field coat, can become a cherished family heirloom, used generation after generation. Signs of wear make it even more special because they represent many great outdoor experiences. Here at L.L.Bean, we’ve always believed in the value of keeping our customers satisfied – at any… More

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