Product Stories

  1. Friday, 5/15/15

    The Craft behind the Craft

    Located on an unassuming street in Brunswick, a Maine legacy lives on. Not shipbuilding. Not fishing. Not “lobstah” dining. It’s blanket weaving – a rich (and warm) textile tradition stretching as far back as the 1800s.     One look around the textile mill of Maine Woolens™, the preeminent fancy weave blanket maker in the United… More

  2. Wednesday, 3/11/15

    Cutting Edge Fly-Fishing Gear for Spring 2015

    Spring is almost here, and warmer temperatures aren’t the only reason we’re excited. The change in seasons means it’s time to go fishing and hit the rivers, lakes and streams with three innovative new products: the new Apex Fly-Fishing Rod, the L.L.Bean Nipper and the redesigned Rapid River Vest Pack.   “For us, innovation and… More

  3. Thursday, 2/12/15

    “Constantly improving”: Seth Wescott talks about his partnership with L.L.Bean

    When we design a piece of outerwear or active clothing, we want it to provide peak levels of comfort, even in extreme situations—like, say, winning a global snowboarding competition. Which is why we feel lucky to get feedback from Seth Wescott—the most decorated snowboard cross athlete in history.   Since 2011, Seth has given us… More

  4. Wednesday, 2/4/15

    The River Wild: A World-Class Fishery Inspires a World-Class Fishing Vest

    The most likely place in the United States to catch a five-pound brook trout and landlocked salmon is deep in the Maine woods. This fabled fisherman’s paradise is the Rapid River, and getting there isn’t easy – the only public access is by hiking, biking or boat.   The Rapid flows just 3.2 miles to… More

  5. Tuesday, 11/4/14

    Down Sleeping Bags: 50 Years of Innovation

    Our first down sleeping bag was introduced 50 years ago. At the time, it represented a huge leap in performance for sportsmen seeking warmth, low weight and packability. First used in military sleeping bags during World War II, down is exceptionally warm, lightweight and compressible. Previous insulations such as wool and sheepskin were extremely bulky… More

  6. Friday, 10/24/14

    Footwear With a Little Help from Our Friends

    When you’ve been making shoes and boots for over a hundred years, you not only learn how to consistently craft the highest quality footwear, you learn how to recognize other brands that also do it well. Instead of simply admiring these other brands for workmanship and materials that rival our own, we decided to add… More

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