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  1. Wednesday, 5/28/14

    Have You Tried Letterboxing?

    Have you ever heard of the ancient pastime of letterboxing? L.L.Bean employee Kathleen Stevens has. She’s been a letterboxer for eight years. A few months ago, she hosted her first letterboxing event at our flagship store here in Freeport, Maine. We asked Kathleen to fill us in on what her favorite hobby is all about.… More

  2. Thursday, 2/20/14

    Love Those Graphic T-Shirts? Meet the Team Who Makes Them

    Every L.L.Bean T-shirt, water bottle, bike or boot that needs a pattern or logo comes through Brian Sailer and his four-person graphic department here in our Freeport, Maine, office. “If it has a graphic on it, my team has touched it in some shape or form,” says Brian. Sailer moved to Maine almost three years… More

  3. Tuesday, 2/11/14

    A guarantee that started in the backwoods of Maine

    In 1911, Leon Leonwood Bean returned from a hunting trip with cold, damp feet and a revolutionary idea. He decided to create a boot that was comfortable and durable enough for exploring the Maine woods.  Satisfied with his design, he sent out mailers to local fishermen and hunters, with a disclosure that each pair had… More

  4. Saturday, 2/8/14

    Sunshine Woven into Every Sheet

    Picture a warm, sunny summer day with a gentle breeze in the air. You carry a basket of freshly washed sheets out to the yard, letting the screen door slam behind you. Fastening a clothespin to each corner, you hang the sheets on the line and the warmth of the day dries them. At night… More

  5. Tuesday, 12/10/13

    The Man Who Walked 75,000 Miles in L.L.Bean Boots

    Wildlife artist John Ruthven loves to walk. And he loves his L.L.Bean Boots. He has walked in them at least 4 miles a day, covering a total of more than 75,000 miles, over the past 50 years. Along with a sketchpad and pencil, his trusty boots are the only items that always go with him… More

  6. Thursday, 12/5/13

    We Built The Original—Now It’s Your Turn

    We’ve been handcrafting Boat & Totes here in Maine since 1944. Now, we’re giving you the chance to design your own, still built for you by hand right here. Pick from four sizes, two handle options, and 11 different handle and bottom colors. Want to add an exterior pocket? You can! Zip top or open… More

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