Life is a highway: Meet your new Bootmobile drivers.

Before this summer, Sunny Millett and Ben Sandy were being driven by lots of things. Career ambitions. Growing responsibilities. The desire to stay in their home state of Maine.

In June, they started doing the driving. Sunny and Ben are our two new Bootmobile drivers, a job that includes so much more than hitting the road. We chatted with them about their uniquely exciting new gig.

The L.L.Bean Bootmobile


What made you want to be a Bootmobile driver?

Sunny: I’m a Maine girl at heart. When I was little, every Easter we’d come down to the Freeport store. Me and my sister, we’d each get one thing. So when I saw the posting, it just seemed like such a fun way to spend the summer.

L.L.Bean Bootmobile driver, Sunny Millett 


Ben: I follow the Bootmobile Instagram page and I saw the posting. It was a chance to work in a field where I get to talk about the outdoors, and engage with people about the outdoors. There was no reason I could think of to pass it up.

L.L.Bean Bootmobile driver, Ben Sandy


What’s your favorite part of the job?

Sunny: I enjoy hearing people’s stories about L.L.Bean. “Every time we go up to Bar Harbor we make sure to stop in Freeport,” things like that. Growing up here, it’s nice to hear people from out of state who enjoy it so much.


Ben: Every time I drive down the road, people are happy to see me. I make money to drive in a parade and make thousands of people happy. I think it’s so cool.

Sunny hosts an L.L.Bean event


What’s it like to drive that thing?

Sunny: Honestly, I was nervous about it. But it drives just like a truck!


Ben: It drives phenomenally. Goes down the road so well.

Ben meets a customer


What do you like to do when you’re not driving for hundreds of miles in a giant piece of footwear?

Sunny: I’ve skied and snowboarded my whole life. I kayak too. When I graduated from college I came back with an L.L.Bean kayak and roof rack on my car.


Ben: I love to hunt and fish. In the wintertime, you’ll find me on a frozen body of water, fishing for pike.



  1. Dick Webster | May 12, 2016 | 5:29 am

    Life IS a highway and your navigators appear to be great presenters of that fact.
    L.L.B.’s blog and web site are attractive and interesting.
    What WOULD the Founder say about the miracles IT has wrought?
    The only defect I can find in your web site is absence of a clear path to no longer receiving your interesting eMails. Too much eMail. When I want LLB info. I know where to find you.
    My search entry produced “No exact match found for ‘Removal from your eMails’.”
    Would you please, with regret, (1) remove my eMail address from your list, and (2) make a web site link for this choice more obvious and easier for “old eyes” to find?
    Thank you – Dick Webster, Columbus OH.

    P.S. – MANY years ago an Antioch College student named Linda Bean was in my class. I recall she was a member of your famous family. If that recollection is accurate I would love to learn about her Antioch served her, and perhaps her post-Antioch journey. Please put us in touch if that’s OK with her. Thanks.

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