The Craft behind the Craft

Located on an unassuming street in Brunswick, a Maine legacy lives on. Not shipbuilding. Not fishing. Not “lobstah” dining. It’s blanket weaving – a rich (and warm) textile tradition stretching as far back as the 1800s.


Yarn on a loom at Maine Woolens™ in Brunswick, ME.


One look around the textile mill of Maine Woolens™, the preeminent fancy weave blanket maker in the United States, and it is clear – their blanket is more than just a piece of fabric. It is an enduring classic born from years of experience, time-honored methods, skilled craftsmen and made-in-Maine pride.


To owner Jo Miller and her enthusiastic team, craftsmanship takes time.


Employees at Maine Woolens™ in Brunswick, Maine.

Starting as ahand-loomed sample (a deliberate time-intensive step to get color and design right), the “blanket” then goes through an efficient and perfected manufacturing process, including weaving on wide, vintage Italian looms (to handle widths from throws to King size blankets).


From start to finish – designing, yarn-dying, creeling, beaming, surging, hand-tying, weaving, cutting, finishing, meticulous inspecting and final packaging- every part is done right by their talented team. No step is rushed. (Expert sewing can take up to a year of training).

Yarn on a vintage Italian loom at Maine Woolens™.
Maine Woolens™ in Brunswick, Maine.


The result? An authentic, enduring, made-in-Maine blanket.

If you want to keep warm in any season (and help keep a Maine tradition alive), wrap up in one of these expertly crafted Maine-Made Cotton Blankets or Throws, available in selection of classic solids and stripes you’ll only find at L.L.Bean.

Expert sewing can take up to a year of training.
Expertly-crafted L.L.Bean blankets made at Maine Woolens™.

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