“Constantly improving”: Seth Wescott talks about his partnership with L.L.Bean

When we design a piece of outerwear or active clothing, we want it to provide peak levels of comfort, even in extreme situations—like, say, winning a global snowboarding competition. Which is why we feel lucky to get feedback from Seth Wescott—the most decorated snowboard cross athlete in history.


Since 2011, Seth has given us invaluable input on features that function beautifully, as well as styles that look beautiful, period. A fierce competitor and a proud Mainer, Seth fits our team like a foot of powder on a sunny Saturday.

Seth Wescott joins our outerwear team to help design mountain-ready gear for the trail.

We caught up with him recently to get his thoughts on our partnership, and the secret to getting your best turns:


On the slopes, how important is it to have the right gear?


It’s the difference between having one of the best days of your life and being miserable, wet, and cold. On a true storm day during the last couple of hours before the lifts close, when everyone else’s legs are dead tired, you can get your best turns of the year if you’re still warm and comfortable, because you prepared properly for those epic moments by choosing the right gear.

World champion snowboarder Seth Wescott brings his expertise to our outerwear team to help refine new products.

Is there a design feature you suggested that you’re particularly proud of?


There has been a theme of using magnets for pocket closures, and I love them. When I first zipped up the original Traverse three-layer shell, I felt like a superhero when the storm flap instantaneously closed behind the zipper from the magnets. It’s made me smile every time I’ve zipped up since.

The Traverse Headwall Ski Jacket, tested in the field by world champion snowboarder Seth Wescott.

What’s it like to see your own idea reflected in a piece of outerwear or apparel?


It’s very satisfying to see one’s own ideas come to life, but it’s also just the next stepping stone to make it even better the following year. I want to be constantly improving upon what we’ve done and where we are. That is the driving force behind my passion for this project.

Seth Wescott joins our outerwear team to help design mountain-ready gear for the trail.  

What makes our partnership successful?  


We were both shaped from the same environment. Maine is a special place that instills certain values and a certain work ethic. We are shaped by the four seasons and we want to get as much out of each one of them as we can. I get as excited creating the perfect summer short—that I know I will spend countless hours in paddle boarding—as I do designing the next generation of winter powder bibs—that I know I will be wearing on my best powder days for years to come. The relationship that Beans and I share with the outdoors is an all-encompassing focus, to enjoy the most amount of time beneath the open sky, sun, and stars as we can. When I work with the design teams to make a product better, I know that we’re making people’s outdoor passions more enjoyable, the same way Leon set out to do with the hunting boot 103 years ago.


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