Q&A with The Weather Channel’s Reynolds Wolf

For years L.L.Bean has been proud to equip the on-air meteorologists of The Weather Channel with the outerwear and gear they need to stay warm, dry and protected. Throughout the season, we’ll be highlighting these amazing and inspiring individuals so you can learn more about what it takes to do what they do. We previously sat down with Sam Champion; now we’re excited to bring you our conversation with Reynolds Wolf.


Reynolds Wolf in Indianapolis

Reynolds reports from Indianapolis on a cold, snowy day.


A highly respected meteorologist, he’s covered some of the biggest natural disasters during his long career, from hurricanes and wildfires to blizzards and oil spills. He’s best known for his ability to see past the initial wreckage of a disaster or storm and get to the heart of the human crisis, connecting with all of his viewers on a personal level.


Q: What’s your favorite piece of L.L.Bean outerwear?

Reynolds: The Emerger II Wading Jacket is easily my favorite piece of L.L.Bean outerwear. As an avid outdoorsman and fly fisherman, the Emerger II offers plenty of room for several fly boxes, maps and my GPS device.

Lightweight, packable and water repellent, it helps me endure anything nature dishes out – from torrential downpours to late spring snowstorms in the Rocky Mountains, this essential piece of gear handles it all. Also, with its higher cut along the waist, I have easy access to my survival knife and bear spray. This is a huge asset when fishing and hiking alone in grizzly country.

I won’t hit the trail without it.

Reynolds Wolf in Georgia

Reynolds sight-casting to a rising brown trout in the North Georgia mountains.


What’s the worst weather you’ve experienced?

Reynolds: I once covered a massive winter storm that pounded California’s Sierra Nevada Range. At Donner Summit, we experienced 70 mph winds and whiteout conditions. I could actually place my hands within a foot of my face and not see a thing due to the blowing snow. It was more mesmerizing than terrifying – and my L.L.Bean thermals kept me warm despite the tempest.

Reynolds Wolf in Chicago

Reynolds stays warm, even as the Chicago River turns to ice.


What do you miss most about the weather in your hometown? What don’t you miss?

Reynolds: My actual hometown is Jemison, Alabama. I don’t miss the heat and humidity of summer. My adopted hometown is Jackson, Wyoming – and I miss the constantly changing weather.

Reynolds Wolf in Wyoming

Reynolds enjoys some quiet time on Wyoming’s Snake River.


When you’re not on the clock, what are you favorite outdoor hobbies or sports?

Reynolds: Fly fishing, fly fishing and fly fishing!!!

My L.L.Bean 10′ 6-weight Silver Ghost fly rod and reel combo is easily one of my most prized possessions.

The epitome of versatility, it can deliver a large streamer easily through strong alpine winds along Wyoming’s Snake River, or accurately place a teeny size 22 dry fly to a rising trout on the West Branch of the Delaware River in the Catskills. Plus, it looks beautiful. Finest piece of angling equipment on the planet!

Reynolds Wolf

Reynolds shows off a German brown trout (you should have seen the one that got away!).


Any other amazing weather stories you’d like to tell L.L.Bean fans?

Reynolds: I make the trip to Jackson, Wyoming, each April, hike seven to eight miles through the snow, and fly fish along the headwaters of the mighty Snake River.

The hike is difficult, grizzly bears are often present, and the weather is a kaleidoscope of change. In fact, temperatures can rise well above freezing, and sink dramatically below in a matter of minutes. Skies blink from sun, to rain, to snow with every bend of the river. The wind is relentless.

And that’s where L.L.Bean’s gear comes through! From my boots to waders, thermals to jackets, hat to fly rod, I feel comfortable and confident. No matter the situation.



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