Q&A with The Weather Channel’s Jen Carfagno

For years L.L.Bean has been proud to equip the on-air meteorologists of The Weather Channel with the outerwear and gear they need to stay warm, dry and protected. Throughout the season, we’ll be highlighting these amazing and inspiring individuals so you can learn more about what it takes to do what they do. We previously sat down with Sam Champion, Reynolds Wolf and Stephanie Abrams; now we’re excited to bring you our conversation with Jen Carfagno.

Jen Carfagno in Washington, DC

Jen reports from the field on a chilly day in Washington, DC.



Often referred to as “Dewpoint Diva” because her favorite weather measurement is dew points, Jen faces everything from historical blizzards to raging tornadoes so she can deliver a true firsthand experience to her viewers. She believes weather is a common factor that connects all of us and it’s her passion for its power, beauty and menace that makes her such a compelling meteorologist.


Q: What’s your favorite piece of L.L.Bean outerwear?

Jen:The Weather Challenger 3-in-1 Jacket is awesome for its versatility, but especially because of its warmth.


What’s the worst weather you’ve experienced?

Jen: I spent a day in Old City, Philadelphia, covering what started as a very cold rainy day. It changed to a gloppy, heavy wet snow for hours with 4″ of accumulation. I was a sopping mess on the outside. Left a huge puddle on the Acela express on the way to my next stop in New York City. But I was completely dry and comfortable underneath, after a 14-hour day. I was wearing the Weather Challenger 3-in-1 Jacket and the snow pants.

Jen Carfagno in Colorado

Jen surveys the damage after a major flood in Colorado.


What do you miss most about the weather in your hometown? What don’t you miss?

Jen: I grew up in southeastern PA…suburb of Philly. I miss the snow, and I don’t miss the snow. I miss all of the fun and playfulness that snow is, and I don’t miss any of the hassle and headache that snow creates. In general, I do feel if it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow.


“I just can’t wait to find a great storm to go out and cover now that I’ve got this awesome new gear.”


When you’re not on the clock, what are you favorite outdoor hobbies or sports?

Jen: Running, hiking, being a soccer mom. Gardening. Patio sitting (is that a sport?). I love being outside. A day at the beach is best. It is nearly impossible for me to get anything done inside when it is nice outside.

Jen Carfagno at the Balloon Festival

Jen enjoys the cool breeze while reporting from a recent hot-air balloon festival.


Any other amazing weather stories you’d like to tell L.L.Bean fans?

Jen: My favorite days are when my family and I are up early enough to appreciate the sunrise, enjoy the day and the weather outside, no matter what the weather.



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