Georgette Kanach: Master Maine Guide and Master Wildlife Artist

There are not too many people who can claim to be a Master Maine Guide (for 31 years and counting!), a 2014 Miss Maine Sportsman finalist and Artist of the Year for the State of Maine Sportsman’s Show – but one of them happens to be right here at L.L.Bean.

Georgette Kanach creates beautiful pieces of art from natural materials.

Georgette Kanach, a sales representative in our Hunting & Fishing Store in Freeport and an Outdoor Discovery Schools instructor, is passionate about more than just hunting and fishing. She’s also found a passion in using wildlife and nature’s bounty – antlers, wood, feathers, branches, bones and more – as the medium for her “wild” artistic creations.

Georgette Kanach creates beautiful pieces of art from natural materials.

Georgette grew up in Jackman, Maine, and learned to hunt at an early age. She remembers long days in the woods with her father, a logging operator, hunting for birds. “I spent my entire childhood being inspired by Maine and the great outdoors,” she says.

Georgette Kanach creates beautiful pieces of art from natural materials.

But it’s what happens after her hunting expeditions that sets Georgette apart from her fellow hunters. After she bagged a 945-pound moose with a 53-inch antler spread, she painstakingly made intricate carvings on the bone – everything from pine trees to tiny moose. Then, she painted a Native American village in acrylic along the length of a moose jawbone.

This delicate, intricately carved egg is one of Georgette's many pieces of art.

The carved moose piece was presented at the 2014 State of Maine Sportsman’s Show in Augusta. It was so well received that Georgette “bagged” the title of Wildlife Artist of the year. She has also garnered other trophies, including the State of Maine Duck Stamp competition and Ruffed Grouse Society’s Artist of the Year in 2009.

Her wildlife creations are not limited to bone. Georgette also likes working with one of the most fragile of natural materials: hollowed eggs. She carves detailed patterns into the eggs to make them into beautiful decorative objects such as cake toppers and hanging ornaments. Eighty of her carved eggs were displayed at our flagship store in Freeport during our 95th anniversary celebration.

Georgette's art is filled with small details like these.

When Georgette isn’t working at L.L.Bean, or out in the woods with her hunting dogs (or kids), or making art from wild game, she’s inspiring others by dedicating her time to great causes like the Casting for Recovery Retreat Program, a fly-fishing retreat for breast cancer survivors at Bosebuck Camps in Lynchtown.

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