Meet the Artists Behind Our Christmas Catalog Covers

Tom Foty's studio, with his painting of Minnehaha Falls in-progress.

Every year we look forward to sending our Christmas catalog to customers – and not just because it’s filled with old favorites and all the new products we’ve been working on through the year. It’s also our chance to spread some Christmas spirit with a beautiful wintry cover.

Depending on where you live, you might receive one of two covers – but we love both paintings so much, we wanted to share them both with you here on our blog.

If you live in Minnesota – where we will open a new store in the Mall of America November 14, 2014 – you’ll be receiving a catalog with a painting of Minnehaha Falls by artist Tom Foty:

Minnehaha Falls catalog cover by Tom Foty.


If you live elsewhere, you’ll find a catalog in your mailbox featuring Tim Deibler’s painting of Mount Elbert in Colorado in celebration of our new store in Lone Tree, Colorado opening November 21, 2014 :

Minehaha Falls catalog cover by Tom Foty.


We spoke with both artists to learn a little more about their painting careers, these particular pieces, and how it feels to be featured on the cover of our biggest catalog of the year.


What was it that struck you about this particular spot for this painting?

Tom Foty:I’ve always loved Minnehaha Falls. I grew up near Minnehaha Creek and spent many summers on or in the creek as a child. I’ve often painted the falls in summer, but thought I’d take on the challenge of painting the falls in winter.

Tim Deibler: Mount Elbert is a very important mountain to those of us living in Colorado and enjoying the outdoors. Not only is it our highest fourteener at 14,433 feet but it is also the first fourteener that I climbed with my son Stephen when he was 10 years old. We’ve tried to foster this love of the outdoors in all three of our kids through many family hikes and camping trips. Today Stephen is working as a park ranger at a national park in Oregon.


What do you like about painting landscapes? About painting figures and portraits?

Tom Foty: I love to try to interpret in two dimensions what God has created in three dimensions. I love the challenge of shapes, colors and shadows. When I complete a painting, my ultimate goal is that a viewer is somehow drawn and connected to it emotionally. I particularly love the form and shape of the human figure. I’m thrilled by the challenge of capturing the uniqueness of an individual and emotions by the use of color, lighting, composition and perspective.

Painter Tim Foty

Painter Tim Deibler

Tim Deibler: Although I love to paint people, primarily I consider myself a landscape painter.  In our busy world so often we drive or run past the beauty of creation so I try to capture and convey some of nature’s beauty in my work. My love of the mountains started when I first saw the movie The Mountain starring Spencer Tracy. When I was 13 my parents gave me a book by Edward Whymper called Scrambles Amongst the Alps. The book was full of Whymper’s sketches and chronicled his adventures as a mountaineer.


Your painting is going to be reaching a lot of our customers –­ how does it feel to have your painting represent the feel of L.L.Bean to our customers this holiday season?

Tom Foty: As an L.L.Bean customer, I’ve always wondered who does the L.L.Bean catalog covers. The style of art on the catalog covers has always particularly interested me as I’ve felt the selections have been beautifully done. Also, throughout the years I’ve felt the style choices are similar to my own. I’ve often thought what an honor it would be to have the opportunity to paint for L.L.Bean. Needless to say, I am honored to be chosen and thrilled to represent the L.L.Bean customer through my work.

Tim Deibler: In my art career I have won national awards, been in many books and magazines, written my own book, produced instructional art DVDs and presented a painting to a former President of the United States. But to have my work selected as the Christmas catalog cover for the L.L.Bean company, which has been synonymous with the outdoors for over 100 years, is a huge honor. I’ll never forget the day I received the call giving me the opportunity to create the cover image. My work is about capturing that special something in nature in a tangible way so that people can bring a piece of the outdoors into their homes.


Thank you to Tom and Tim for the beautiful work they put into the paintings for our catalog covers this year, for talking with us about their work and for helping us get into the holiday spirit.


The Christmas catalog is our biggest catalog of the year, filled with extraordinary gifts that are all covered by our extraordinary guarantee. Request a copy today!

  1. Pam and Orv | December 31, 2014 | 9:36 pm

    Beautiful picture, Tom. MN beauty ay it’s best through the eyes of someone who loves it,

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