What Do You Get When You Cross a Tote Bag with a Raincoat?

From summer thunderstorms to winter blizzards, Maine has more than its fair share of inclement weather. The most famous type of storm here is the nor’easter, notorious for heavy precipitation and the gale-force northeasterly winds for which it’s named.


Inspired by these brutal storms that travel up the eastern seaboard, we set out to design a bag that would keep our belongings dry in the wettest conditions – even after hours sitting in a puddle or on damp grass.

L.L.Bean Nor'Easter Tote

The goal: a bag that can go anywhere, worry free

Rather than worry about where we put our bag down, we decided to create an entirely new tote – one we could confidently take anywhere without worrying about the contents getting wet.

Interior of the Nor'Easter Tote

The solution: treat the tote bag like a rain jacket

We started with heavy-duty cotton canvas and covered the bottom with a durable waterproof coating. Then, using techniques originally developed for rainwear, we also treated the entire interior for water repellency, and sealed and taped the seams to lock out potential leaks.

Nor'Easter Tote by L.L.Bean

Function is important, but what about form?

Not only did our designers make the new Nor’easter Tote tough and water resistant, they also created a great-looking bag you’ll be proud to carry – with bright, contrasting colors, leather trim, antiqued-brass hardware and a removable cross-body strap. It’s generously sized and equipped with interior compartments and a zipper pocket to help you stay organized.

Nor'Easter Totes

So while it would be great if you could count on the sun to shine every time you wanted to go outdoors, we know you live in the real world. When wet weather threatens to put a damper on the fun, reach for your raincoat – and the new Nor’easter Tote.



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