Happiness Is the Space Between Two Trees

Anticipation. It’s what gets you through the week. Whether you’re parked behind a desk or stuck on your feet all day, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called the weekend – and for the past 40 years, L.L.Bean Hammocks have been there to help hard workers look forward to a little hang time.

L.L.Bean hammocks

Where “just a few minutes” inevitably leads to an extended afternoon nap.

L.L.Bean has been at the forefront of hammock innovation since 1973. Our five hammocks show an evolution of relaxation, each offering a unique set of benefits that caters to every type of lounging lifestyle. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional nap-taker, we have a hammock to meet your needs. From the soft, woven comfort of our classic rope hammocks to our latest (and most luxurious) design: a Tufted Sunbrella Hammock that feels like a mattress suspended in mid air.

L.L.Bean tufted Sunbrella hammock

It’s not just a hammock; it’s your Father’s Day-present safety net.

Neckties go out of style. Cologne eventually runs out. But a good place to unwind outside ­– that’s a gift that never loses its appeal. Outfitted with quality weatherproof details like sturdy oak stretchers and rust-resistant-steel hanging hardware, L.L.Bean Hammocks are guaranteed to provide years of afternoons spent swaying gently in the sun. This Father’s Day you can finally give Dad what he deserves most – a break.

L.L.Bean classic rope hammock



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