Our Finest Linen Ever

You’ll feel the difference from the moment you first wear this premium linen. It’s noticeably finer, with a soft hand and beautiful drape.

Linen shirts from L.L.Bean

The world’s best linen begins with the world’s finest flax fibers

Thanks to a unique combination of fertile lands and temperate climate, the coastal regions of Belgium and northern France offer the highest-quality flax. These one-of-a-kind grains are the only ones used to produce our linen.

Women's washable linen shirt

Modern technology meets centuries-old traditions

Where other linen is created with machinery built for all kinds of fabrics, ours is crafted from machines carefully engineered to produce premium linen. And with more than a century of hands-on experience, our source unites modern technology with years of expertise to make sure every detail is a priority – from how fine the yarns are spun to how beautifully they are woven.

L.L.Bean linen shirt

The result is a machine-washable fabric with exceptional ease, rich color and a longevity that will ensure seasons of wear.




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