From the Great Outdoors to the NYC Runways, L.L.Bean Boots Are in High Demand

Courtesy of a long, cold winter and a very wet spring, people have been lining up to buy our L.L.Bean Boots all year. So many in fact, that before we knew it we were experiencing an unprecedented demand. We couldn’t make them fast enough.

L.L.Bean Boots on the street

It wasn’t just the weather taking a toll on our inventory. Our L.L.Bean Boots were popping up in unexpected places like Fashion Week in New York City, earning a lot of attention and new fans for their classic style (not to mention their ability to keep feet dry).

Everyone from models to magazine editors to world-renowned shoe designers wanted a pair. It was such big news up here in Maine, local TV station WCSH Channel 6 produced a great feature story about it.

With everyone from college kids to fashionistas wanting our L.L.Bean Boots, we’ve been working around the clock to catch up with all the orders, and we’ll continue to do whatever we can to get more boots to our customers. What we won’t do is sacrifice quality for quantity. Our boots are still made in Brunswick, Maine, by a small team of expert stitchers who meticulously handcraft each pair so that every single stitch and every last detail get the special attention they deserve.

Terry the L.L.Bean Bootmaker

Some fun facts about our iconic L.L.Bean Boots:

  • Almost 400,000 boots are made in our Brunswick location each year.
  • They’re loved around the world – our boots have been shipped to 160 countries.
  • Lovingly maintained and rebuilt for decades – some L.L.Bean Boot sewing machines date back to the 1940s or earlier.


They say good things come to those who wait. We couldn’t agree more. And we promise: when you get your boots, you’ll agree, too.

On the road with L.L.Bean Boots

  1. carol & Ed | June 13, 2014 | 6:53 pm

    Both my husband and I have had our boots for over 20 years, and recently my husband bought the shorter ones in Freeport. we have gortex and so many items from your store and everything is so over the top great. we love visiting the Main Store in Freeport, maine twice a year when we go to Alden Camps, Oakland Maine for vacation.
    thanks for always being over the top with all that you do especially love your fishing department.
    Faithful customers for over 20 years Ed and Carol, New Jersey

    • Laurie | L.L.Bean | June 17, 2014 | 11:19 am

      Hi Ed and Carol – Thank you for sharing your kind words with us. We appreciate hearing from you. You picked a great place to vacation. Alden Camps is beautiful. Best, ^LB

  2. Edward Mulvenna | June 16, 2014 | 9:13 am

    I loved My 7 inch Lounger boots and so did someone else they were stolen out of My breezeway. they were the only slip on that actually sipped on My feet , with My high instep.
    My only problem with LL Bean boots is the heal. The heels dig into soft grass and the
    space between heel and sole collects mud and is hard to remove without taking off the boot and scraping with a stick or knife.
    I’m presently looking for a mfg. who uses a tapered bottoms on their boots and slips on and off as well as the Bean Lounger.
    So Maybe LL Bean will heed this comment and Make a tapered bottom lounger before
    I find a good replacement.

    • Laurie | L.L.Bean | June 17, 2014 | 11:17 am

      Hi Edward,
      Thanks for sharing your comments and I’m sorry to hear that someone stole your boots! Please give us a call for a replacement 800-441-5713. And, I’ll be sure to share your comments with our footwear developers. Thanks ^LB

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