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After launching Share Your Story on, our customers wrote to us with everything from product stories and suggestions to simple notes of gratitude. Every day, we learn about adventures in backyards and abroad, fun experiences with families and loved ones and L.L.Bean products passed on for generations. But most importantly, we’re reminded that by making high-quality products supported by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we’re helping you create memories that last a lifetime.

After reading your stories, we were inspired to bring a few of our favorites to life. And what better way to do that than by illustrating them? So to kick off our Share Your Story Illustration series, we chose a simple quote from Janet S. on the durability of our handcrafted Boat and Tote:

“Outlasted two degrees, three jobs, a couple of pets and a marriage. It certainly has been one heck of a ride.”

–Janet S., May 25, 2006

Check out the rest of the illustrations below, along with the customer stories that inspired them:

Safari Clothes from 1967!
@Norm81, Ohio

February 4, 2014


That’s not a typo! For my first African safari in 1967, I purchased a jacket and two pairs of pants. They are “wash and wear,” and at the end of each day’s very dusty drive I would wear them into the shower, wash off the dust, and they would easily drip dry in a few hours. I just returned from another African safari, and they look and feel just about as good as new! In the intervening years, they have accompanied me all over the world, from Hudson Bay to the Antarctic, from the Himalayas to the Andes. Fellow adventurers are astounded at how they look after all these years. Soon they will go to Bhutan!

The Journey of the Bean Boots
@buffalobeanboots, Buffalo, NY

November 29, 2013

I want to tell you about my Bean Boots. When my mother went off to college in snowy Syracuse, she got herself a pair of insulated Bean Boots, the year was 1969. She trudged up and down the hills of campus with her trusty Bean Boots, keeping her feet warm and dry. A couple years later, when she moved off campus and got a malamute, the Bean Boots acquired their only flaw, a war wound from said malamute. After college the boots accompanied my newly wed mom to a farm in Ohio where they provided warmth and dryness through less harsh winters, but certainly more mud, and whatever else the grounds of a farm can offer.

After the birth of children the boots took my mom and her young family to Buffalo, NY, back to the snow, and the wet. Through countless miles of dog walks, sledding trips, winter car pools, camping and everyday winter wear, the Bean Boots have held up. Not a leak, not a hole, only the evidence of the malamute’s teething worn proudly on the upper cuff of the right boot.

The time came when her daughter went off to college at Syracuse, some 32 years later. I followed not only in mom’s footsteps, but in her boots. I wore the trusty Bean Boots with pride, now vintage, chewed cuff and all. I only wish that I could fill her shoes better, as her feet are about a size bigger than mine. But I wear these boots as I write this letter, 44 years after they were purchased, still watertight, still warm. Thank you for a quality product that has truly passed the test of time.

Chihuahua Lost in Desert Saved by Fort Irwin Soldiers
Liana Aker, Newberry Springs, CA

March 1, 2012


I am a wildlife biologist in southern California and the article on page 3 of The High Desert Warrior contains a story about a lucky little dog that was found on our installation last year. The coat the dog was wearing saved his life. It was an L.L.Bean Field Coat for dogs and I thought you’d like to know this. Thank you!

From the High Desert Warrior:

On the evening of Feb. 9, a very tired, very lost little dog was rescued by 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Soldiers from a remote corner of the National Training Center. The soldiers’ vehicle got a flat tire while they patrolled near the eastern expansion area, and they pulled off the road at Al Sharq to change it. The soldiers’ misfortune turned out to be a lifesaving bit of luck for Bobby, a two-year-old male Chihuahua who had been lost for 13 days near the vicinity of Dumont Dunes.…It’s considered by many to be among the most desolate, inhospitable parts of the Mojave Desert. As part of the Death Valley region, the course Bobby traveled in search of his family led him through a canine gauntlet. Bobby managed to survive freezing temperatures, almost nonexistent food and water sources and wild animals such as coyotes….The overjoyed owners were reunited with Bobby on Valentine’s Day.

Bobby may owe his life to the insulated, close-fitting dog coat he was wearing. Putting an insulating jacket on your pet can reduce heat loss significantly in cool weather, and protect them from prickly vegetation.

Want to see your favorite moment illustrated? Post your experience on L.L.Bean’s Share Your Story page – your memory could be next!

  1. Robert W. Hutchison | April 23, 2014 | 5:26 pm

    After 23 years my wife’s travel alarm quit. She had bought another five years ago while
    Preparing for an overseas trip and thinking the original was getting pretty old. But it has worked perfectly for 23 years… Amazing!

    Robert w. Hutchison
    Fredericksburg, Texas

    • Laurie | L.L.Bean | April 25, 2014 | 3:14 pm

      Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing your story with us. :) ^LB

  2. BJ | April 25, 2014 | 3:09 pm

    Since you are discussing new products, I would like to add a suggestion concerning your “No Fly Zone” clothing line, which my husband and I really like. We love to go trekking and hiking and understand how important this type of UV and insect repellent protective clothing really is these days.

    However, we also enjoy visiting global beach resorts and unfortunately have yet to find more upscale resort-style clothing that is made of the No Fly Zone materials. Many lovely beaches and resorts all over the world are besieged with potentially dangerous disease bearing mosquitoes and even ticks. One example are the nasty tiger mosquitoes that currently infest Mediterranean coasts and even a new variety of “no-see-ums” that carry African flesh-eating bacteria that have shown up in Dalmatia and Greece.

    Please could you design or obtain resort-style clothing, such as beach cover-ups, dresses, kaftans, resort-style pants etc. made of the No Fly Zone materials? One cannot walk around a nice resort and look like one landed in from a trek through the jungle!

    Thank you so much. It would be much appreciated.

    • Laurie | L.L.Bean | April 29, 2014 | 9:46 am

      Hi BJ, Thanks for sharing your comments and suggestions. We are an active-apparel company and focus our “No Fly Zone” apparel designs on outdoor active pursuits. No plans to offer resort wear at this time. I’ll forward your suggestion to our product developers for consideration. Best, ^LB

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