10 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

With the polar vortex sending chills across the country, we know that it can be quite tempting to forego the outdoors in favor of a day on the couch. After all, we’re not all bred to summit Mount Washington in the world’s worst weather.

But before you cozy up under your favorite blanket and begin a marathon of reality television, try out some of our favorite alternative activities for inclement weather:

1. Play in the powder.

Image: Facebook Fan Lori A.

What fun is a snow day if you don’t spend it in the snow? Making snow angels, having snowball fights, and building igloos are activities we look forward to every winter. And they make for great photo opportunities.

2. Get some sun.

If going outside just isn’t an option, then at least make sure you’re getting some sunlight. Something as simple as opening the curtains can help boost your spirits and beat winter blues.

3. Bring the outdoors in.

Flickr: Dear Max

If you’re in for the long haul, you might as well set up camp! Build a blanket fort, start up the fireplace, and start making some s’mores.

4. Boost your mood with food.

Foods high in vitamin B, omega-3, and good carbohydrates have been found to boost your mood. Sunflower seeds, asparagus, bananas, salmon, Greek yogurt, berries and dark chocolate are all great options. Or try our favorite trail mix!

5. Visit a virtual museum.

Explore art collections from around the world, retrace historical events and discover world wonders online with the Google Cultural Institute.

6. Get creative.

Stretch the left side of your brain; draw, journal, craft or try a new recipe.

7. Stay social.

Flickr: Paul Ashley

Say hello to a familiar face and start a video chat with friends and loved ones. Or stay in contact the old-fashioned way and write some snail mail.

8. Feel the burn.

Winterize your workout and torch those calories by snowshoeing, sledding or cross-country skiing. Prefer to keep your warm-ups indoors? Pop in an exercise DVD or stream fitness videos online. Sometimes the best workouts happen when you can Zumba like no one is watching.

9. Plan a trip.

Dream up the ultimate vacation. Look at inspiring outdoor photos of exotic locations and imagine where you would like to go once the snow clears!

10. Watch a movie.

If you’ve exhausted all of your other options, then go ahead and hunker down with a great adventure film. Or three.

Do you have a favorite snow-day activity? Share it with us in the comments!

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