Stocking Stuffers: The Best Gifts Come in Small Packages

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

–Clement Clarke Moore, A Visit from St. Nicholas

For many of us, waking up on Christmas morning, dumping the contents of our stocking onto the floor and tearing into that shiny orange nestled in the toe is one of our most cherished holiday memories. It’s no wonder the practice of filling stockings with treats and small gifts has been a tradition for hundreds of years.

Stockings hung by the chimney with care

Everyone loves the classics like candy canes, lip balm and lottery tickets, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with enough ideas for everyone in the family.

That’s where L.L.Bean can help, with lots of fun and practical gifts that fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking. We asked some of our fellow employees to share a few of their favorite stocking stuffers – to give or receive.

Headlamps  Without a doubt, these are our “hands-down” favorite for children and adults alike. Dianne H. recalls her daughter doing jigsaw puzzles during a power outage – and continuing to use her headlamp even after power was restored. Karen R.’s teenage cousins use theirs for night sledding. And ever since receiving his Trailblazer Headlamp last Christmas, Dominic B. reaches for it all year long – for dog walking, after-dark grilling, plumbing repairs and other household chores.

Headlamps from L.L.Bean


Stabilicers  According to Tim S., these “studded snow tires for your boots” make a perfect gift for dog owners. On those slippery winter days, they’ll be especially grateful for the extra traction when there’s a big dog tugging on the other end of the leash.

Wicked Good Hand and Toe Warmers  Nothing puts a damper on winter fun faster than cold fingers and toes. Denise B. adds a few of these all-natural packets to her family’s stockings to make sure everyone stays comfortable during outdoor activities.

Flip Focal Magnifier  For a fly fisherman like Bob H., this clip-on “bifocal” is an absolute essential now that his eyes are getting older and “tying a #22 fly on with 6x tippet isn’t as easy as it used to be.” It’s also a great gift for anyone whose hobby includes fine detail work – from needlepoint, to model building, to soldering circuits.

L.L.Ban Flip Focal Magnifier

Multitool  The handyman or handywoman in your family is sure to love one of these pocket-size all-in-one tools. As Ian H. says, “I am constantly finding little things to repair and usually can do it on the spot with a good mini-tool.”

Smartwool Socks  Vivian P. is a big fan of the irony inherent in a “sock stuffed with socks.” Joking aside, as Kate B. says, “these socks last forever and are a must for winters in Maine.”

L.L.Bean Gift Cards  To Emily B., gift cards aren’t just easy to give – they’re a guaranteed hit. “I’m always a hero for giving someone the freedom to make their own choices on my dime. No one is ever bummed to get a shopping spree at Bean!”

L.L.Bean Gift Card

Need more inspiration? Check out our Holiday Gift Shop for hundreds more stocking stuffers. Or browse our selection of personalized Christmas stockings and help your family start its own tradition.

What’s your family’s favorite stocking stuffer?


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