From Field to Foot: The Making of the Fenway L.L.Bean Boot

In 1912, our founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, die-hard Red Sox fan and outdoorsman, created a boot to help fellow adventurers enjoy even the harshest of weather. One hundred years and a Fenway Park partnership later, we’ve created something that fuses the design he loved with the team he couldn’t live without – a boot that would make L.L. proud.

Our partnership with Fenway Park started with a simple mission – to continue our tradition of outdoor enjoyment while protecting one of America’s most beloved baseball fields. So when it came time to retire the 2012 Fenway infield rain tarp –created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of both L.L.Bean and Fenway Park – upcycling the waterproof material was a no-brainer.

We had to create something to show our appreciation for a truly epic season of Red Sox baseball. And we weren’t just thanking the team – we were thanking the entire Red Sox Nation for their strength, durability, and love for a year that had its fair share of ups and downs.

Thus, the Fenway L.L.Bean Boot was born. From the original rain tarp, only 100 limited-edition boots were made to share with 50 Facebook fans, winners from this year’s Wintervention, and a few of our loyal customers. Custom-made for each lucky winner, these boots were hand produced at our factory in Brunswick, Maine.

Enjoy some behind-the-scenes photos from our video producer Lincoln Benedict, below:

Of course, our favorite part has been seeing the boots unboxed and enjoyed – and helping forge new friendships across social media:


Congrats again to all the lucky winners! Don’t forget to share your #FenwayBeanBoot photos, videos, and comments with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Check out our past collaborations with Fenway Park, including the Fenway Boat and Tote and the One Fund Tote.

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