Monthly Archives: November 2013

  1. Wednesday, 11/27/13

    Nothing Says “Fun” Like the World’s Worst Weather

    When most of us think of winter fun, we picture an afternoon at the skating pond, a day at our local sledding hill or a weekend at a ski resort. But to John P., senior designer at L.L.Bean, it means something a little more intense. That’s why, in the middle of February, John joins a… More

  2. Wednesday, 11/27/13

    Holiday Decorating and Gift Ideas from Our Home to Yours

    Ten chocolate bean boots, nine braided wool rugs, eight Wicked Plush Throws, seven Frasier fir candles, six sailcloth stockings, five boxes of fatwood, four Santa buoys, three handblocked tablecloths, two float rope baskets and a Whirley-Pop popcorn machine. And that’s just a small sampling of the unique, one-of-a-kind gifts to give (and pick up for… More

  3. Friday, 11/22/13

    What Kind of Outdoors Person Are You?

    Able to name over 30 species of North American sparrows? Conquered the Alps, Appalachians, and the Andes? Or do you prefer the outdoors from the comfort of your porch? Find out what kind of outdoor adventurer you are with this fun flowchart. So, what kind of outdoors person are you? Tell us in the comments!… More

  4. Thursday, 11/21/13

    A Christmas Tradition – Wrapped in Plaid

    There’s magic in the tradition of Christmas pajamas. Wrapped in colorful paper or stuffed in a sparkling bag by Grandma, Mom or even Uncle Steve, Christmas pajamas provide comfort, warmth and an annual opportunity for hilarious family photos. It’s a Christmas morning uniform meant for toddlers, teens and even the oldest “kids at heart.” And… More

  5. Wednesday, 11/20/13

    Wintervention’s Greatest Hits

    After five weeks, 15 campuses, and over 2,100 miles traveled, the L.L.Bean Bootmobile has officially completed its second Wintervention college tour. We had a great time visiting New England colleges, and an even better time inspiring students to get outdoors and enjoy the winter chill. And from the huge collection of #Wintervention photos on our… More

  6. Monday, 11/18/13

    We’re Very Picky About Evergreens

    Maine is 90% forested, about 95 billion trees in all, and half of them are balsam and spruce. So we can be extremely picky about choosing just the right evergreens for our wreaths. When we take to the woods to gather greenery, only thick, healthy boughs of certain species are selected for our holiday decorations.… More

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