Who Says Tough and Soft Are Mutually Exclusive?

The year was 1927, 16 years after Leon Leonwood Bean had introduced his Maine Hunting Shoe, putting an end to the problem of cold, wet feet. But L.L. had one challenge left – the need for an equally tough shirt, warm enough to block the chill, from early spring fishing trips and white-tail deer hunts in the fall.


Bean's Chamois Cloth Shirt


When passion is born, new products begin

L.L. crafted a prototype for his new shirt using soft yet sturdy cotton flannel that felt like high-grade chamois leather. But before adding it to his catalog, he put it through the same product-testing center where his hunting shoe had been proven years earlier – the rugged outdoors. L.L. wore the prototype for two full years, through every fly he cast, each camp stew he cooked and every draw of his shotgun in Merrymeeting Bay. The shirt was a success.


Close-up view of Bean's Chamois Cloth Shirt


Still setting the standard for durability and comfort

Today, hunters and fishermen continue to put our Chamois Shirt through countless tests of their own, reporting that it’s the most durable shirt in their closet and grows softer wash after wash. We especially enjoy hearing from customers who tell us they wear Chamois Shirts handed down from their fathers and grandfathers – and plan to pass them on to another generation to come.



Though the price tag has risen from $2.15, little else has changed over the years. So whether you find yourself reeling in an early-morning trout or unwinding on the porch after a long day, we know this favorite of L.L.’s will soon become yours too.


Bean's Chamois Cloth Shirt



  1. Cheryl | October 12, 2013 | 7:53 pm

    My husbands Mother bought him two of the Chamois Shirts back in 1980 a burgundy one and a light gray. Just this summer I had to give them to the goodwill store, they still looked like new they were soft the color still looked great but my husband gained weight. That was the only reason they are gone, he told me you know what I want for Christmas I want new LL Bean Chamois shirts in my size. ;0) I love LL Bean I have been in retail for a long time we have a business going on 56 yrs.(with only five people) quality and customer service is what keeps a company going. LL Bean has given me these two very important reason to shop here.

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