Into the Wild with Lincoln Benedict

Behind each of our products is a story. And behind each of our stories is a storyteller. That’s where our video producer, Lincoln Benedict, comes in. From corralling sleepy puppies to documenting the making of the Bootmobile, Lincoln has captured the essence of everything L.L.Bean, usually in two minutes or less. So to be fair, we’ve decided to turn things around and get to know the man behind the camera.

Lincoln shooting in location in Maine.

Lincoln shooting in location in Maine.

What is your role at L.L.Bean?
I’m essentially the “video guy.” From helping people get a still image out of a video for catalog use to filming in the White Mountains in the middle of winter, it’s been a great experience.

What brought you to L.L.Bean?
I’ve always been an outdoor-oriented person. Growing up in southern Vermont had endless opportunities to be outside and attending Bates College in Maine was icing on the cake. While most of my photography work was mainly of the eastern D1 skiing circuit, I had also created small video pieces. One thing led to another and I wound up at L.L.Bean, which meant the adventure just kept on going.

What are the greatest and most challenging parts of your job?
Being outside to show people how to enjoy the outdoors is the best. But the logistics – gear, scheduling, and permitting – can gum things up pretty fast! And weather is generally the biggest hurdle. Often when you’d like a day of full sun it will rain, and then when you want rain you get sun!

What is your favorite piece of L.L.Bean gear?
My most invaluable piece of L.L.Bean gear is my Ascent Packaway Vest – it’s been with me everywhere. I value it because of its incredible lightness-to-warmth ratio and how much it compacts.

What has been your favorite shoot so far?
My favorite shoot was the 100th Anniversary Canoe shoot. We shot it on the Penobscot River just outside of Baxter State Park with Katahdin in the background. I was with two other awesome Bean co-workers and Scot Phillips, our Old Town representative, was paddling the canoe. The light was perfect and the autumn colors were brilliant. Watching the light gradually fade from Katahdin was a special treat that I won’t forget for a while.

At the Penebscot River shooting the 100th Anniversary Canoe video.

At the Penobscot River shooting the 100th Anniversary Canoe video.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
I’m a rabid ski tourer – I love skinning up mountains almost as much as skiing down them. While I’m usually in the White Mountains, last year I skied the Haute Route with my Dad and this past winter I made a hut trip in Colorado.

Aside from that, I enjoy bike commuting to and from home – I’ve ridden to work at least once a week this year. It’s fun to have an adventure every morning before you even get to work.

Lincoln and his father ski touring the Haute Route between France and Switzerland.

Lincoln and his father ski touring the Haute Route between France and Switzerland.

Where do you find inspiration?

I really admire the work of someone like Chase Jarvis. He has a great aesthetic and has embraced all new technologies while taking every opportunity to be outdoors.

What would be your dream project for L.L.Bean?
This state has such an amazing diversity of landscapes. I’d love to spend a month traveling through Maine simply capturing time lapses. It’s a treat to live here.

Take a look at some of Lincoln’s work on our video page.

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