The Making of an American Icon

For over 100 years, we’ve been making our iconic L.L.Bean Boots right here in Maine. They’ve been featured in newspapers and magazines, worn by athletes and celebrities and inspired a legion of imitators. Yet behind the scenes, a group of people work tirelessly to make sure each pair of boots we sell lives up to the highest standards of quality. They are the L.L.Bean Boot stitchers.

L.L.Bean Boot Stitcher

The boots that inspired not just a brand, but a way of life

Our stitchers are a tight group. They’re a family, not just co-workers, We have third-generation craftsmen and -women, husband-and-wife teams, even some friendly sibling rivalries as brothers and sisters try to outdo each other. At our Brunswick, Maine, manufacturing facility, you’ll find some of the most experienced workers at L.L.Bean, with more 25- to 30-year veterans than in any other part of the company. There’s a reason our stitchers have been here so long – they love what they do.

L.L.Bean Boot Stitcher in Brunswick, Maine

It’s not easy to become a skilled stitcher. Just getting started can take up to four months, and it can be years before you are up to speed on all the different variations of boots. These folks truly are expert craftspeople, and their skill is evident in every pair of boots they make.

You’re not just following in the footsteps of generations of Mainers, you’re walking in their boots

From the first boot of the day to the last one on a Friday afternoon, each pair is treated with care to make sure your feet will stay dry and comfortable, whether you’re walking the dog on a slushy sidewalk or bird hunting on a muddy tote road.

 L.L.Bean Boot Stitcher

Our stitchers craft each boot as if it is their own. They are so proud of the work they do that every pair comes with a card signed by the person who made it. That signature is a promise from us to you: you will be 100% satisfied with your L.L.Bean Boots. Guaranteed.


  1. Kim | September 18, 2013 | 9:31 am

    Dear LL Bean..
    I love the classic LLBean boot… but is there ANY way that someone can try to bring back the pull on Lounger Boot with the strap/buckle??? It was so perfect for so many different reasons and I was so disappointed when I found out you didn’t sell it anymore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE seriously consider bringing this fantastic boot back.
    Thank you!!
    Kim (100% Mainer)

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