Making Blankets – and Magic

According to one customer, our Ultraplush Down Throw has mystical properties. “Whether you’re sick or cold or just having trouble getting to sleep, this throw is the solution. It relieves stress and cold symptoms, makes small dogs want to cuddle up with you. It would be even better if it was a little bigger.”


Ultraplush Sateen Blanket, Down-Filled


Well, ask and ye shall receive, Susan from Florida. Our Ultraplush Down is now available as a full-size blanket. And the entire family will fit underneath. Let any ailing family member, chilled friend or pet curl up underneath for some real healing powers.


Ultraplush Sateen Blanket, Down-Filled


Trouble sleeping at night? Simply add our softest, warmest, most luxurious blanket to your bed, and presto, you’ll be counting sheep in no time. Bad day at work? Curl up under the ultraplush fleece side for all the reassuring comfort of a security blanket. Kids under the weather and you’re out of chicken soup? Snuggle them up under this and they’ll feel like they’re being wrapped in a hug. Ornery overnight guests? Add this to their bed and they’ll never complain about the shower pressure again.


Ultraplush Sateen Blanket, Down-Filled


Though we aren’t doctors or magicians, we do know the power of a soft and cozy blanket.


  1. katherine n. | October 8, 2013 | 9:20 am

    yes…they are wonderful. The only thing that would be better for comfort and warmth would be if LL Bean made a stretch leather jacket. fleece or flannel lined. In bright colors. Perhaps a tailored blazer fit. slim cut.
    Yes, this is my fantasy as Im sure it would be the new worlds favorite comfort item.

  2. Bridget McNees | October 8, 2013 | 8:36 pm

    I looked at these they looked so cozy ,but then I checked dimensions ,,,to small

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