A Perfect Fit from Day One

There are some companies that will sell you a pair of jeans for $300 and promise you a perfect fit – with a few caveats. For starters, they say, you have to buy a size down from what you normally wear. And you’ll have to wear them into the tub and then keep them on while they dry. Oh, and once you’ve got them just the right size, you can’t ever wash them – instead, you should throw them in the freezer.


Please don't freeze your jeans


Jeans Should be Easy

We don’t think a wardrobe staple like jeans should be complicated, and our affordable Double L Jeans were designed with this in mind. We started with traditional heavyweight cotton denim, which is exceedingly durable and prewashed for softness. Then we put these jeans through the wringer in our testing lab, where they exceeded our rigorous standards for shrink resistance – so you can count on the size remaining true after wearing, wash after wash, pair after pair.


Men's Double L Jeans


“Always a perfect fit. Looks great. Always satisfied.”
—L.L.Bean customer, Wyoming, PA


We’ve also done our best to get rid of one of the hardest parts of buying jeans – finding the right fit. After all, people don’t all look the same, so why should jeans? We have a variety of styles for every body type and every occasion. Our different fits come in a variety of inseams. More options, like the adjustable Hidden Comfort Waistband and fleece or flannel lining, make finding the right pair of jeans a breeze.


Double L Jeans


If you do feel like freezing your jeans, at least try our flannel-lined style – you won’t even have to take them off and you’ll still be perfectly warm.


Flannel-Lined and Fleece-Lined Double L Jeans


  1. S. | September 27, 2013 | 10:20 pm

    Great product information, but a little sassy on the attack against Raw denim, especially considering L.L. Bean sells them under the Signature line. Love my L.L. Bean <3

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