The Doormat That Knows the Ropes

It’s the most underappreciated item in your home. It greets guests, stops muddy feet and paws at the door, and we literally walk all over it without giving it a second thought.


To create a doormat capable of withstanding this type of abuse, day after day, we looked for materials that could survive one of the toughest environments imaginable: the Atlantic Ocean during a Maine winter.

Nautical Rope Doormat


Our Nautical Rope Doormats are handmade by Maine artisans on the coast, in the fishing and shipbuilding town of Waldoboro. They’re constructed from heavy-duty cordage, the kind lobstermen use to haul traps or tow skiffs. It comes from the same company that makes the bungee cord used to tie down lobster trap doors, the twine that holds bait bags and the rope that keeps prized boats tied to their moorings. It’s safe to say, they know a thing or two about ropes that fisherman rely on. And trust us, if this rope can handle crustacean claws, a pair of dirty L.L.Bean Boots is nothing.

Lobster Traps


If you think your home has heavy traffic that requires the likes of this seafaring staple, give it a try. It can handle exposure to the briny deep, strong winds and sharp rocks so you can be sure it can handle scrape after scrape of boots, sandals and sneakers. “Mainah” approved.

Muddy Boots


What ends up tracking more mud into your home – boots or paws?

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