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The sun, the heat, the warm nights chasing fireflies—without a doubt, the dog days of summer are upon us. But don’t let the heat get you down! Now is the perfect time to keep the kids busy and active. Need some inspiration on how to get the family outside this season? We have a few, and they’re all in one book.


What book? Our L.L.Bean Kids’ Activity Book, one we recently made to give out to fans during our Outdoor Discovery Tour. Here’s the first page.

L.L.Bean Kids Activity Book - This Book Belongs To...



Like we said, the book has some great activities for kids of all ages. For example, the first is “discover your own backyard,” because you can always learn something new about your surroundings—just a few paces from your doorstep.


L.L.Bean Kids Activity Book - Discover Your Own Backyard


Taking the family camping this summer? Here’s a nice refresher on “Leave No Trace” instructions, the best way to clean up a campsite.

L.L.Bean Kids Activity Book - Clean Up Your Campsite


Kids can interact with the book as well. Here’s one of our favorite pages: a fill-in-the-blank camping story.


L.L.Bean Kids Activity Book - Fill-In-The-Blank


With plenty of outdoor activity comes the need refuel, and our fan Amy S. has the answer. Our Activity Book features this trail mix recipe from Amy, the winner of our trail mix contest here on the blog last year.


L.L.Bean Kids Activity Book - Amy's Fuel Trail Mix Recipe


Want to download the L.L.Bean Kids’ Activity Book in its entirety? You can – just go here and click “download.” Print it out so the whole family can enjoy.


What are some ways you’re getting your kids outside this summer?

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