The Shirt We Probably Shouldn’t Sell

There’s a major problem with our Carefree Unshrinkable Shirt. No, it’s not the unshrinkable fabric; we’ve tested it through more than 40 wash and dry cycles to make sure it doesn’t shrink. It’s not the carefree fabric treatment; this shirt retains the feel of the soft, durable ring-spun cotton all day while shedding wrinkles like magic. It’s not the color, either; we can’t fade this shirt, no matter how hard we try. So what’s the problem?

This shirt is just too durable.

Carefree Unshrinkable Shirt

Our product development team did a great job with its design. Going the extra mile to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with every product we sell means making a shirt that we can’t stain, wrinkle, shrink or fade. In fact, this shirt is so tough customers are writing in every day to tell us new things we didn’t even know it could repel, including:

mustard, ketchup, fruit juice, red punch, strawberry daiquiri, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, coffee, root beer, dirt, toothpaste, baby food, ballpoint pen ink, printer cartridge ink, paint, salad dressing, iced tea, maple syrup, strawberries, salad oil, ice cream, cola, chocolate

Luckily, it’s also so affordable – and comes in so many colors and styles—that it makes sense to stock up on extras, making your entire T-shirt wardrobe carefree. “I own eight of these and still can’t get enough,” said one reviewer. “Every man should have a bunch of these,” recommended a customer from Chicago. “I have this shirt in a number of different colors,” said another. “They wash and dry great and still fit like they did when I bought them.”

Stack of Carefree Unshrinkable Tees

Guaranteed to last, our Carefree Unshrinkable Shirts are made with the care and quality customers have come to expect from L.L.Bean. You’ll appreciate wearing them for a long time to come – especially since it means you won’t have to buy a replacement any time soon. “I just ordered 10 in various colors,” said one customer. “I know I won’t need more for many years.” He added: “Sorry, L.L.Bean.”

What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled on your Carefree Unshrinkable Shirt?

  1. Michel L Tisdale | August 9, 2013 | 6:47 pm

    The only time that I have had the color fade is when the shirts got sun burned. Then the shoulders were bleached by the sun.

    The worst thing was mayonaise.

  2. Walter | October 28, 2013 | 3:55 am

    I can’t buy LLbean clothes, they don’t make them for people my size! No, I’m not obese, I wear a 56 suit jacket for my shoulders and I’m over 6ft tall. I would love to purchase a nice winter coat but they only offer Xxl , I wear a 4xl because of my shoulders and LLbean doesn’t cotter to large people, unfortunately!

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