The Best Way to Travel with Man’s Best Friend

There are only about 60,480 cubic inches of cargo space in the average car. With the average portable kennel consuming about half that area, where will you store all your gear, luggage and toys, not to mention the dog, for your next trip?

We’ve been there, staring quizzically into the trunk of the car wondering how it’s all going to fit. And leaving behind your faithful four-legged friend isn’t an option. That’s why we built a portable kennel that packs down like a camp chair to one-sixteenth its size.

Stowaway Kennel, collapsed for storage

Space is limited. Problem solved: L.L.Bean’s New Portable Kennel

Our Stowaway Dog Kennel is the perfect solution, whether you’re going on a family vacation or headed out on a hunting trip. As David Draper of Shooting Sportsman put it, “A couple of hunters and their dogs require a lot of equipment, especially when you add camping to the already gear-intensive pursuit of waterfowling. There have been a couple of times when all our stuff, including a couple of hard-sided crates, has taken up more space than a short-bed pickup offers. Since my dog ends up riding in the back seat most times anyway, I now can forgo the hard box and throw in the new collapsible crate from L.L.Bean.”

A hunting dog in the Stowaway Dog Kennel


Give your dog the Taj Mahal of portable kennels. It’s handy to have around the house or campsite for quick kenneling and easily stores in a closet, in the trunk of your car or behind the seat of your truck. Its innovative exterior frame eliminates internal pinch points, offering a safe, clutter-free interior for your pet. Rugged, breathable fabric and ultrafine mesh windows provide plenty of fresh air for your pet while also protecting him from biting bugs and ticks.

But best of all, you’ll appreciate sitting by the campfire with a fully stocked camp and a happy dog.

Stowaway Dog Kennel


Where’s your favorite place to travel with your dog?

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