Pop Musicians Lake Street Dive Perform in Discovery Park This Weekend

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the eclectic, inventive, indie-pop sounds of Lake Street Dive. Even drummer Mike Calabrese understands that they’re more than just your average pop act. “We’re a pop band, there’s no doubt about it.  But instead of going the way of the ‘Top 40’ sound, we always try to tip our hat to the sounds, styles and arrangement techniques of the ’60s British invasion, soul, Motown and R&B groups,” he says. “There’s no escaping the fact that we grew up in the ’90s and often find elements of everything from Janet Jackson to Weezer in our songs.”

Photo: Jarrod McCabe

The group is composed of drummer Mike Calabrese, bassist Bridget Kearney, vocalist Rachael Price and trumpet-wielding guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson. The trio first got together when studying music in Boston at the New England Conservatory.

Though the group writes their own music, they also love to play covers of dance party favorites. “It’s always fun to play ‘Rich Girl’ at a show. Hall and Oates is a band that everyone knows but no one really talks about. You know their songs but wouldn’t think to call one at a karaoke bar. In terms of our career, we have to love ‘I Want You Back’ the most because it changed our growth in a big way. It got us in front of a wider audience and has been a big help in getting people to shows and sharing what we do,” says Calabrese.

Photo: Jarrod McCabe

You can hear some of Lake Street Dive’s music on their Web site. As for what concertgoers can expect to see on Saturday, Calabrese hopes to see people up and dancing. “Expect to abandon your chair and let your hair down. We’re hopefully going to get people up and dancing because every time we hit the stage it’s about drawing you in.”

Lake Street Dive will be at Discovery Park in Freeport on July 20 at 7:30 p.m. For a full list of upcoming concerts at Summer in the Park, you can check out our full schedule of events.

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