Explore Your Amphibian Nature

Evolution may have given humans a number of advantages over the rest of the animal kingdom, but we aren’t designed to live in and out of the water. Fortunately, our Explorer Sandals are. Like our friends the amphibians, these ultra-comfortable sandals aren’t restricted to one type of environment. Thanks to full coverage with 360-degree ventilation and special drainage ports that keep out rocks and other debris, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds as you’re able to move, perform and thrive as well around water as on land.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Our inspiration (Photo credit: Matt MacGillivray via Flickr)

Adaptable to any habitat

Along with their impressive adaptability, many amphibians have a special grip on their feet, making it possible for them to keep their footing on any slick surface. Like them, our sandals have a durable rubber outsole with grooves specifically designed to give you the flexibility and traction you need on varying terrain.

If you’ve ever wondered how amphibians can leap big distances and land without harm, it’s the soft pads on their feet that reduce impact when they strike the ground. To reproduce this, we added a dual-density EVA midsole for additional cushioning and premium shock absorption to make sure you get all the support you need no matter where your adventures take you.

And much like nature designed amphibian skin to protect in both wet and dry conditions, these versatile sandals are made with a rugged, waterproof leather upper that won’t saturate – so you can fully embrace your amphibian nature when you’re exploring by the waterside.

Explorer Sandals

Highly evolved

Along with the amphibian-like features, these sandals are also designed with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure to keep them from slipping off, for a really comfortable fit, a sleek look and casual style you can wear anywhere.

L.L.Bean Explorer Sandals

As our customers will tell you, these aren’t the only things that distinguish our sandals from others on the market. There’s also our reputation for unbeatable quality and first-rate craftsmanship, our award-winning customer service and our legendary 100% guarantee; but that’s just gravy. Bottom line is, these sandals will take your feet wherever your inner explorer wants to go, with remarkable comfort, no-nonsense support and the high level of performance you need to get there. We may have evolved from amphibians but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep some of the perks.

Where will your Explorer Sandals take you?

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