Celebrate Maine’s Official State Fruit

To say Wilton, Maine is wild about blueberries would be an understatement. This weekend, August 2-3, marks its 31st annual Blueberry Festival, an event that has gained the town both local and out-of-state renown.

Wild Maine Blueberries


Launched in 1982 as a humble ‘Blueberry Church Bazaar’, the festival has grown to become an organized fair for buying, selling and celebrating this iconic Maine berry. Wilton’s is just one of several blueberry festivals in the state, but with its exciting schedule of events, including pancake breakfasts, boat parades, dancing and fireworks, this is definitely an experience your family won’t want to miss.

Wilton Blueberry Festival


Musical performances, derby races and lobster lunches will abound, as will an impressive range of blueberry products. Pies, cakes, and jams will be available, as well as more unusual blueberry creations – the first-prize dish in the 2009 Cook-Off was a blueberry chicken salad!

Blueberry Jam


Wild blueberries are an integral part of Maine’s heritage that’s truly worth celebrating. Not only do they taste great, but along with lobster and potatoes, they are a driving force in the state’s produce economy. Maine supplies an estimated 98 percent of the country’s low-bush blueberries – no wonder they are the official Maine state fruit!

Blueberry Pancakes


The festival promises to be a fun, summertime event for blueberry lovers of all ages. There are free shuttles from designated parking areas to the festival, free boat and fire truck rides throughout the weekend, and a Family Fun Run that’s open to anyone looking for a way to work off some of those blueberry goodies.

What’s your favorite dish to make – or eat – with blueberries?


What: Wilton Blueberry Festival

When: August 2-3, 2013

Where: Downtown Wilton, Maine

Admission: Free

For more information: www.wiltonbbf.com

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