After All These Years, This Pack Is Still Full of Surprises

Back in 1989, we created the Deluxe Book Pack for one simple purpose: carrying books to school. That single function was our number-one priority, and because we’re L.L.Bean, we made the Deluxe tougher than it had to be—so it wouldn’t wear out before the school year ended.

Deluxe Book Pack


But the story doesn’t end there

Since then, we’ve received thousands of letters, phone calls, emails and customer reviews telling us just how adaptable this pack is. Rather than simply using it to carry books, owners continue to find new uses for it, expressing surprise at how many hidden talents the Deluxe reveals year after year.


From book pack to gig bag to “trusted companion”

Take Chase S. from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He first received a Deluxe Book Pack in 6th grade, figuring he’d hold onto it for a year or two. In fact, it lasted beyond high school and college, taking on new responsibilities along the way. When Chase toured with his band, he hauled guitar pedals and cables in his pack. Then he joined the Navy. “Every port I hit, that backpack would come with me as a trusted companion…to holy mountains, to Hiroshima, to Queen’s Tower in Hong Kong, to the waterfalls of Guam.”

A customer's Deluxe Book Pack

From pack to “everything bag”

Chase wasn’t the only one who kept finding new uses for his Deluxe Book Pack. Evelyn S. from Fairfax, Virginia, bought hers in 9th grade and two decades later she’s still using it. As she puts it, “It is my everything bag – book bag, diaper bag, travel-overseas bag. My friends ask me, just what the heck do I have in this huge bag? Answer: everything.”

Deluxe Book Packs in solid and print

What will it do for you?

We’ve sold thousands of Deluxe Book Packs over the years, and many of them are still in use to this day. They’ve proven themselves to be tough, durable and trustworthy enough to take just about anywhere. How many uses will you find for your Deluxe? You might be surprised.



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