Adventures from the Lone Star State to Vacationland

“We’re Texans. I’ll start the story there.”

“We moved to Maine six weeks ago (for good),” wrote L.L.Bean customer, Ame M. “In order to fully appreciate our new home, we decided to start checking out the amazing opportunities in our new state. Before jumping into a kayak and paddling the cove near our house, we decided that lessons would be a good plan.”


It’s over 2,300 miles from Freeport, Maine, to the tip of Texas, and a lot of land lies in between. So when this Texas family transplanted themselves to Maine, they chose our experts to help them explore the place they now called home.


L.L.Bean, at your service.

Like Maine’s granite coast, the experienced kayaking instructors at L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools have been shaped by the sea’s surf and spray. It’s taught them a thing or two. Wisdom they love to share – especially with customers exploring new waters for the first time.

A kayaking course at the L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools

With clear and patient guidance, our friendly instructors taught these new Mainers all the paddling strokes and rescue techniques they’d need to enjoy exploring their new backyard.

“It was fabulous and pointed out to us how NOT READY we were to just jump in the boat off the rocks! Our instructors were fantastic and really met every student where he or she was. They made me very comfortable and safe. Thanks L.L.Bean!”

Kayak class

Whether you’re “from away” or looking for new ways to explore a place you’ve always called home, L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools courses prepare you to safely enjoy an outdoor playground filled with endless opportunities.

What outdoor activity can’t you wait to try?

  1. Cindy H | October 31, 2013 | 4:57 pm

    I would really love to see day, moonlite sunset and weekend kayak trips in something other than tandem kayaks. Tandems are alot of work paddling with another person and I would just as soon go in my own kayak. What do you say LL Bean?!!

  2. Donna Kliewer | December 9, 2013 | 8:05 pm

    This is the first year I have purchased from LL Beans. It started with 5 turtle neck shirts for my husband. The quality was outstanding so I ordered him a chamois cloth shirt, that was by far the nicest, softest shirt I have ever felt. He loved it so much I have ordered him another one for Christmas. My orders have kept going, coats for the grandkids and for my daughters, chamois cloth shirt for two friends. Prices are a bit higher than your local retail stores but when you compare the quality of the merchandise, the local retail stores do not hold a candle to the LL Bean’s products. I received a notice that one of the coats I had ordered for a grandson was on back order until Jan. 4th and I panicked. Went on line to a live chat and Kathryn was wonderful. She let me know they had the same jacket in other colors and even some of the colors were on sale. Within minutes I had the original order canceled and the new coat ordered. She was my saving light, as I have ten grandchildren to shop for. I have now shopped right here from the comfort of my home, no fighting Houston Texas traffic, crowds, or grumpy people. Their customer service is the best I have ever encountered. LL Bean has won me over as a permanent customer!!! Thank you again Kathryn, for your help.

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