Monthly Archives: July 2013

  1. Tuesday, 7/30/13

    Celebrate Maine’s Official State Fruit

    To say Wilton, Maine is wild about blueberries would be an understatement. This weekend, August 2-3, marks its 31st annual Blueberry Festival, an event that has gained the town both local and out-of-state renown.   Launched in 1982 as a humble ‘Blueberry Church Bazaar’, the festival has grown to become an organized fair for buying,… More

  2. Saturday, 7/27/13

    The Best Way to Travel with Man’s Best Friend

    There are only about 60,480 cubic inches of cargo space in the average car. With the average portable kennel consuming about half that area, where will you store all your gear, luggage and toys, not to mention the dog, for your next trip? We’ve been there, staring quizzically into the trunk of the car wondering… More

  3. Friday, 7/26/13

    After All These Years, This Pack Is Still Full of Surprises

    Back in 1989, we created the Deluxe Book Pack for one simple purpose: carrying books to school. That single function was our number-one priority, and because we’re L.L.Bean, we made the Deluxe tougher than it had to be—so it wouldn’t wear out before the school year ended.   But the story doesn’t end there Since… More

  4. Wednesday, 7/24/13

    Celebrate Wicked Good Lobstah Next Weekend at the Maine Lobster Festival

    Here in Maine, we love all kinds of seafood. But whether you’re a Mainer or “from away,” there’s one crustacean that’s truly worth celebrating: the lobster. That’s why we look forward, each summer, to the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine, which has been serving up lobster rolls and bowls of bisque since 1947. Lobstering… More

  5. Tuesday, 7/23/13

    What’s your #PackMentality? Show us and you could win a $250 L.L.Bean Gift Card!

    Never leave the house without a pack full of your daily essentials? Then our latest contest is for you! We want to see your #PackMentality—that is, how do you use your backpack? Whether you load it up with snacks and water for a day on your favorite hiking trails or you fill it with your… More

  6. Friday, 7/19/13

    Good Things Come in Threes

    Don’t believe it? Look no further than the Musketeers, Chipmunks and Stooges. There’s even the Latin phrase omne trium perfectum (everything that comes in threes is perfect). It’s an essential number in fairy tales and the gold standard for circus rings. Three is looking out for us, stepping in right after two-for-the-show and warning us… More

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