From Camp to Cubicle Without a Wrinkle

Our founder, Leon Leonwood Bean, was a source of good advice on many topics. For instance, he knew from experience that, on occasion, life’s responsibilities could tear an outdoorsman away from the trail or stream and into a situation where a “semi-dress” shirt might be required.

“Every outdoor sportsman needs semi-dress shirts. Something out-of-the-ordinary to wear going to and coming from their hunting and fishing grounds.”

—L.L. Bean, 1938

These days, our Wrinkle-Resistant Vacationland Shirt is the answer to making a smooth transition into the “real world.”

Vacationland Wrinkle Resistant Shirts


It resists wrinkles, so it can be worn right out of your suitcase, duffle or washing machine. Extra care is taken to ensure the buttons are sewn securely and the collar keeps its shape, wash after wash. The fabric is soft and cool, yet always looks crisp and neat. It also wicks moisture and dries quickly.


Why “Vacationland”?

Long viewed as a natural destination for memorable outdoor getaways, Maine was first dubbed Vacationland in the early 1900s. Linen postcards featured the slogan alongside illustrations of lakeside, mountain and ocean views. It wasn’t long before the term was officially endorsed by the state government, first appearing on Maine’s license plates in 1936. Today, “Vacationland” lives on in Maine, both on license plates and as a very pleasant state of mind.

Vintage Maine Postcard

Courtesy Boston Public Library


Make every day a vacation

Even when you’re not traveling to and fro, we think you’ll find this to be your favorite shirt. It looks great, no ironing required. The colors are vibrant, and you’re sure to feel relaxed in the comfortable fit.  Sort of like being on vacation – every time you wear it.

What’s your best advice for what to wear on vacation?

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