Building Bonds Between Generations

L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools courses are much more than just outdoor adventures. They’re the start of new family traditions, the shared excitement of a journey ready to unfold, experiences that connect generations. For one customer, what started out as a course grew into a love of fishing that continues to bring him and his grandson closer together.

Flycasting with L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools


The boy and his grandfather

Larry L. from Portsmouth, NH, writes: “After taking part in two fly-fishing Outdoor Discovery programs, I became convinced that my grandson could learn. I taught him the basics like the L.L.Bean guides had taught me. He became quite interested in the process and during the following winter he got me to attend some fly-tying lessons.”

Grandson and grandfather

Larry (right) with his grandson, Rick


That spring they ventured to a lakeside camp in the far reaches of northwestern Maine to try their luck with some of their newly tied flies. In the serenity of the Maine wilderness, they fished and discovered the special bond they’ll always remember. “Thanks, L.L.Bean, for opening the door to another Outdoor Discovery and helping a grandfather and grandson bond.”

Cabin on Kennebago Lake

Larry's fishing camp on the shores of Maine's Kennebago Lake


Here at L.L.Bean’s Outdoor Discovery Schools, we live what we love every day – and so can you. Discover the spirit of adventure that brings families together in an outdoor playground filled with endless opportunities – it’s just around the bend.

Fly fishing

What outdoor activities does your family enjoy together?


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