Put Decades of Fishing Experience under Your Belt

Most of the time, tradition is a good thing. But our new Kennebec Waders prove that even the most time-tested designs can benefit from some creative innovation.

Wading belts can be difficult and time consuming to adjust, especially in cold weather. Additionally, plastic buckles can pinch your midriff as you bend over to net a fish. Our development team solved these problems – and more – with the innovative QuickFit Belt on our new Kennebec Waders.

At first glance, you’ll notice something on the Kennebec Waders: there is no belt buckle. It’s been replaced by two sleek plastic D-rings through which the ends of the wading belt are threaded. The space that used to be occupied by the buckle is free and clear of anything that might impede your ability to bend over. The QuickFit is equipped with hook-and-loop attachments so the only adjustment you need to make is a simultaneous pull on each end to tighten the belt and fasten it to itself. In short, if you can do the Aaron Rodgers championship belt celebration, you can adjust this belt. It’s that easy.

Kennebec Waders

But the innovation doesn’t end there – we’ve carefully considered every detail of these waders, from top to bottom. The lower and upper portions are made from different materials to maximize durability, breathability and freedom of movement where you need them most. We’ve replaced the boots on the boot-foot style with ones that use the supereasy one-handed adjustment of the Boa-closure system – for the exceptional fit you could never find in a boot-foot wader. Finally, a superclean design on the boots makes it hard for invasive species like didymo to hitch a ride.

If it sounds like we’re excited about these waders, it’s because we are. We think you’ll find them to be the most comfortable, easy-to-use and reliable waders you’ve ever worn.

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