Get Outside This Holiday Weekend! Here Are Ten Ideas for Outdoor Fun

In honor of the long weekend ahead, we’ve been busily pinning inspiration onto our “Outdoor Fun” pinterest board, to get ideas for making the most of Memorial Day. If you’re stuck in a what-should-I-do-outdoors rut, here are some ideas inspired by our board.

Go on a nature walk
Take the whole family outside, whether it’s to a local park or your own backyard, and point out the nature around you. See who can spot the most wildlife and plants. Looking for a new favorite park? Use our ParkFinder for a list near you.

Go stargazing
Pull out a blanket and look up at the night sky. See if you can find your favorite constellations or see who can count the most stars directly overhead.

Paddle away
Grab your canoe, kayak or paddleboard (anything that requires a paddle) and hit the water. If you’re a beginner, sign up for a lesson at an L.L.Bean store near you.

Fly a kite
If the flying conditions are right (never fly a kite if there’s rain or lightning), find a clear, open area to give it a try. You’ll want to avoid areas with lots of trees or spaces where your kite could get stuck. The more room you have, the more line you can let out and the higher your kite will soar.

Build a backyard movie theater
We spotted this idea via Apartment Therapy. Hang up a white sheet over a fence or between two trees and project a movie onto it. Set up a concession stand with bags of popcorn and snacks and lay out some outdoor cushions for your ultimate viewing pleasure.

Take a hike
Strap on your hiking shoes, grab some water and trail mix and hit the trails. You can find a local trail that will work for every level, from the beginner to an advanced enthusiast, through the National Park Service or our ParkFinder for a list near you.

Start a game of croquet
A favorite lawn game for over a century, easy to set up in your own backyard or campsite. Our set comes ready for six people to play in a handy, portable bag.

Make your own lawn twister
We love this do-it-yourself lawn game idea that we found on pinterest. All it takes is some cans of spray paint and a circular stencil to create a twister board in the yard.

Host a campout
Pitch a tent for a night under the stars with friends, whether it’s in your own yard or at a nearby campground. We highly recommend s’mores and scary stories around a campfire.

Try farm to table
Take an outing to a local farm or farmers market to stock up on produce grown in the area. Learn about what is in season and then have a picnic together back at home.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

What outdoor activities do you plan on doing? Will you be trying any of these?

  1. Martha | May 22, 2013 | 7:27 am

    Loved your ideas! Thank you! To those I might add: 1. Nature Scavenger Hunt – feather, maple leaf, four-leaf clover, etc, (keeps kids busy for a long time). 2. Camera Challenge – make a list of items that are open to interpretation (water, rock, sky, grass, foliage, etc.) and everyone takes off to shoot the photos. After, gather and judge the “best” in each category. 3. Build a Bird Feeder (bat house, or bird house). All plans can be found online. 4. Make a Sundial!

    • Nathaniel | L.L.Bean | May 24, 2013 | 10:13 am

      Thank you for sharing these great ideas, Martha! Sounds like you’ll have a great holiday weekend outside.

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