Doormat Devotion

A customer asks, “Is it really wrong to love a doormat?” Of course not, when it’s our Waterhog Doormat.

Go ahead. Treat your Waterhog like the doormat it is. It can take it. And that’s why our customers love them.

After all, there’s so much to love.

Our Waterhog Doormats are heavier and more durable than similar mats from our competitors. And they’re extremely thirsty. Each one will trap up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard, which means a medium-size doormat holds up to a gallon of water, should you happen to drop one while lugging in your groceries.

To give you more to love, we’ve recently expanded our size and color offerings; our Everyspace Waterhogs come in 10 colors and 49 sizes, so you’re sure to find the right size.

Of course our hearts aren’t always swayed by facts and figures. Some folks love their Waterhogs for more personal reasons.

One customer was smitten the moment she realized her mat would catch all the mud her two dogs and messy husband would no longer be tracking into the house. Equally enamored are the dog lovers whose mats save their hardwood floors from “puppy supper,” paw prints, big shedders and Samson, the messy eater who dribbles while he drinks.

Puppies love Waterhog Mats!

And who doesn’t identify with the woman who became enchanted when she realized her Waterhog would let her say “good-bye to wet socks forever.”
Green Waterhog Mat

Whether you’re swayed by impressive facts or figures or prefer to make an emotional connection, there truly is plenty to love about this doormat. And it’s okay, really.

What’s your Waterhog love story?

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