A Base Camp for Life’s Journeys

At L.L.Bean, we think a tent is more than just a shelter to keep you dry. It’s a place that serves as base camp for a lifetime of family camping memories. Many of our customers’ favorite memories are of camping trips taken with their parents. Now these same customers are making new memories with their children.


Trading in the bachelor tent for the family tent

As a bachelor, Michael S. used a small two-person backpacking tent. But marriage and a baby required a little more real estate in a tent. The King Pine Dome Tent not only had enough room for his daughter’s travel crib, its screen room could serve as a dry parking spot for her stroller. Their first camping trip confirmed he had made the right choice. As a squall line with 40 mile-per-hour gusts and torrential rain came barreling through their campground, the King Pine stood firm and kept them nice and dry. We’re confident Michael’s tent, built with legendary L.L.Bean durability, will be the home of special memories for years to come.

King Pine Dome Tent

The calm after the storm


Camping with a two-year-old – and another on the way

Curran S. bought the King Pine to accommodate a growing family. The first special memory of her tent is her two-year-old helping her set it up for the first time in the backyard. Now with another baby on the way she’s sure there will be plenty of room for everyone, including the baby’s pack ’n play. Curran’s so pleased with the King Pine she calls it the “Tent of Awesomeness.”


Camping with Mom

Great camping memories don’t always include small children. Judy K.’s mother was 70 when they began camping together. She’s now 86, and they still go camping every year. Judy bought the King Pine so her mother could stand up while inside the tent. Their first trip with it was to the White Mountains of New Hampshire where they comfortably rode out a rainstorm and were surrounded with “all the wildlife you ever wanted to see!!!” We look forward to hearing more from Judy as her mother camps into her 90s.


Customers like Michael, Curran and Judy have helped make the King Pine Dome Tent a favorite for years. They are also the reason we design family tents the way we do—with weatherproof construction, thoughtful details and quality that will last from your kids’ first birthdays to their college graduation and beyond.

What’s the worst weather you’ve had to ride out in your family tent?

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