Monthly Archives: May 2013

  1. Wednesday, 5/29/13

    Back on the Road: the 2013 Bootmobile Summer Tour

    The Boot is back in town! This summer, our 13’ Bootmobile is rolling out of the garage and onto the highway for its second summer tour. We’ll be spending weekends in a few cities this summer, inspiring fans, visitors and boot-followers to explore the outdoors.     Here’s the schedule so far: Saturday, June 22… More

  2. Wednesday, 5/22/13

    ‘Tis the Season for Beach Bums

    Suntan lotion, a towel, a good book – these are just a few of the essentials we’re packing in our Boat and Tote Bag before hitting the beach this season. Sitting seaside is one of our favorite summer pastimes, which is why we want to make packing for your beach excursion as easy as that… More

  3. Tuesday, 5/21/13

    Get Outside This Holiday Weekend! Here Are Ten Ideas for Outdoor Fun

    In honor of the long weekend ahead, we’ve been busily pinning inspiration onto our “Outdoor Fun” pinterest board, to get ideas for making the most of Memorial Day. If you’re stuck in a what-should-I-do-outdoors rut, here are some ideas inspired by our board. Go on a nature walk Take the whole family outside, whether it’s… More

  4. Friday, 5/17/13

    A Blast from the Past: the Bean Archives and its Curator

    Worn leather, high heels and L.L.’s house. All are items that help comprise L.L.Bean’s official archives and museum. Sound unusual? It may be – but when you’re over 100 years old, you gather a few interesting items along the way.   What are the L.L.Bean Archives, exactly? A collection of Bean’s past and present housed… More

  5. Friday, 5/17/13

    Put Decades of Fishing Experience under Your Belt

    Most of the time, tradition is a good thing. But our new Kennebec Waders prove that even the most time-tested designs can benefit from some creative innovation. Wading belts can be difficult and time consuming to adjust, especially in cold weather. Additionally, plastic buckles can pinch your midriff as you bend over to net a… More

  6. Friday, 5/17/13

    A Base Camp for Life’s Journeys

    At L.L.Bean, we think a tent is more than just a shelter to keep you dry. It’s a place that serves as base camp for a lifetime of family camping memories. Many of our customers’ favorite memories are of camping trips taken with their parents. Now these same customers are making new memories with their… More

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