The Vest-Pack Designed by a Predator

It takes a special kind of sportsman to earn a nickname like “The Predator.” But after decades of legendary success at fishing and hunting, that’s exactly what product developer Jeff Miller is known as around the L.L.Bean offices.

L.L.Bean product developer Jeff Miller

With a nickname like that to live up to, the last thing he wants is to hike into his favorite fishing spots with a fly-fishing vest overstuffed with gear. Jeff says, “I tried putting my vest inside a day pack with other gear so I could put it on once I got to the water. But then I’d have to stash my pack while I fished, always worried I’d left something important behind and be forced to leave feeding fish to walk back and retrieve it.” That’s why he designed the Kennebec Switch-Pack to combine the best features of a fly-fishing vest and a day pack into one sleek vest-pack.

At first glance the Kennebec Switch-Pack looks like a day pack. It has a large main compartment for all your gear, comfortable shoulder straps, a padded waistbelt and two water bottle holders. But here’s where Jeff’s ingenuity comes in: once on the water, two fishing-dedicated side pockets can be removed, clipped onto the shoulder straps and zipped together. These pockets have all the fly-fishing specific features you need, including tippet dispensers, fly box compartments and attachment points for zingers and hemostats. The unique design of this pack puts these essential fly-fishing items exactly where you’d find them on a vest. All that’s left to do is tie on a fly and find the fish.

While you may never reach the same “Predator” status as Jeff, you can be assured that any gear designed by him will help you catch more fish.

How far do you have to hike to get to your favorite fishing spot?

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