Take a Seat Up on the Roof

It might seem like an unusual place to find tables and chairs, but our All-Weather Furniture spends more than a year on the roof of our company headquarters in Freeport, Maine.

Snowy rocker on the roof

Fully exposed and unprotected, it’s subjected to the full force of rugged New England weather as our in-house lab team tests it for strength and durability.


When we say “all weather,” we mean it.


High Temp: 104ºF

Low Temp (with wind chill): -49°F

Rainfall: 48″

Snowfall: 58″


Even under these punishing conditions, it won’t rot, splinter, warp or crack. Ever.

A rare sunny day on the rooftop

All-Weather furniture in a snow storm


But don’t take our word for it. Our customers put their All-Weather Furniture to the test for themselves every day. Here’s what one had to say about their chairs and side table:

“They took every possible beating Mother Nature could dish out. Brutal storms, intense heat, salt, sun, cold, rain and hurricane winds…. They remain beautiful, strong, comfortable and maintenance free year after year. I literally have done nothing to them except enjoy them.”

The secret to this furniture’s durability is the heavyweight, virtually indestructible “lumber.” It’s made in the USA from ecofriendly recycled plastic, designed to last a lifetime, without maintenance. Whether you leave it on your lawn, patio, deck, dock – or roof – you can be sure it will be there for decades to come, none the worse for the wear.

How bad does the weather get in your backyard?

Presidential rockers


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