Seersucker: a Summer Tradition

Summer always goes by too fast. When things heat up, there’s no time to waste – you simply must head outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Nothing should get in the way, especially wrinkles. That’s why cool cotton seersucker is a natural choice for the season. The fabric’s unique slack-tension weave creates a wonderful crinkled texture that always looks crisp – no ironing necessary!

Seersucker shirts

Even better, the textured fabric lifts away from the skin, leaving plenty of room for air to circulate. In fact, it’s this very benefit that makes seersucker one of the season’s most perennial fabrics.

Originally from India, the fabric earned a devoted following for its exceptional comfort in high heat and humidity. The turn of the 20th century brought seersucker to the United States, where its crisp, cool qualities were the perfect solution for hot, humid Southern summers.

It wasn’t long before the fabric’s unmistakable white and blue stripes spread far and wide – from the Ivy League to the battlefields of World War II to the bright lights of Hollywood. The country embraced seersucker for its cool, comfortable qualities and grew to love it even more for its durability, versatility and easy care.

Seersucker Navy uniforms

Women of the U.S. Naval Reserve in their seersucker uniforms, circa 1944 (credit: GCSU Library Special Collections, Flickr)

Now in more colors and styles than ever, seersucker continues to be an icon of high summer fashion for men and women alike. With exceptional comfort and style, it serves as a bright reminder to take time and enjoy all the season has to offer.

How long has seersucker been a part of your summer wardrobe?

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