Hiking in Woolen Bloomers? Not Today, Thanks

In 1890, Fay Fuller became the first woman to summit Mt. Rainier. To protect herself from the elements, she wore heavy woolen bloomers under her ankle-length dress. This risqué combination was considered quite immodest, but it served her well.

Fay Fuller, 1890

Fay Fuller wearing her "immodest" mountain-climbing apparel in 1890. Courtesy Mount Rainier National Park Archives.

Later, in the early 1900s when backpacking was just starting to gain popularity, men would don their wool knickers, button-front shirts and ties before they ventured out on the trail. Gore-Tex was the stuff of fairy tales and no one had a media pocket with an earbud port. Zippers were rare, waterproof zippers were unheard of. It was the golden age of outdoor recreation, and adventurers were enjoying the cutting edge of active clothing.

Hikers on Grouse Mountain in the early 1900s

Hiking in the latest active apparel, early 1900s. Courtesy City of Vancouver Archives (Credit: Franklin Walter Hewton).

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then. Over the years, the heavy, full-coverage garments favored by early adventurers have evolved into the lightweight technical clothes of today. Now if you’re spending time tying your tie or pulling on woolen bloomers before you set off on a hike, you’ve no one to blame but yourself.

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When you’re gearing up for a hike, what’s the one item of clothing you can’t live without?

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