Breaking Records in Her Lucky Suit

It’s hard enough to find an everyday suit, but imagine if you’re swimming 21 miles across the open ocean.

When, in her 50s, Pat Gallant-Charette discovered a love for open water and a great resilience for marathon swimming, she tried every suit on the market. Where some of “the best” suits worked for an hour or two, discomfort would set in before half a day’s training was over. Other suits were simply not durable enough. It wasn’t until just before she faced her biggest feat – crossing the English Channel – that she found the perfect one.

Pat calls it her “lucky suit.” We call it the BeanSport Tank Suit.

Made from premium Italian fabric, our suit is infused with Xtra Life Lycra® elastane for the most comfortable stretch and great shape retention – just what Pat needs to swim hour after hour, mile after mile. There’s no riding, no chafing – just comfort. After successfully completing the 21-mile English Channel swim, Pat knew this suit was the one.

From there she set a goal to complete the Ocean’s Seven Challenge – a feat only completed by one other person in the world.

Pat Gallant-Charette swims in the ocean

Now at 62, Pat is more than halfway to completing her goal. She’s crossed the Straight of Gibraltar at a record-setting pace, swam alongside a pod of dolphins from Catalina Island to the California mainland and battled dozens of jelly fish stings crossing the 33-mile Tsugaru Straight in Japan – all in the same “lucky” suit she counts on and saves exclusively for her challenge swims. And almost as impressive as her accomplishments, the suit looks just as new and feels just as comfortable as it did on the day Pat purchased it.

Pat’s next swim is scheduled for April 15 in New Zealand. Join us in wishing her good luck!

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