L.L.Bean’s Quick Tip for Cold Weather: Layering

The Farmers’ Almanac predicted it. Meteorologists and our own senses have confirmed it. We’re in the middle of a cold, wet winter.

Layering for Warmth - Winter


February temperatures might dip below freezing, and snow might pile up in our backyards, but at L.L.Bean we like to say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather when you’re wearing the right gear.” With that adage in mind, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips for enjoying winter weather, safely and comfortably.


Our first and most important tip: layering.


Dressing in appropriate layers is the best way to stay safe and comfortable in all seasons, but during winter, layering is particularly important. So which gear is the right gear?


First Layer – Base

You’ll want to look for a fabric like merino wool or our Polartec Power Dry Base Layer, a synthetic fabric designed to wick away moisture and keep you comfortable and dry. Your base layer should be fast drying, close fitting and breathable.


Second Layer – Add Warmth

Your next layer should trap your body’s heat and add warmth. It should be quick drying, breathable and durable enough to serve as an outer layer on warm days. A lightweight layer like the Ascent Packaway Vest is ideal for keeping you warm in cold temperatures.


Third Layer – Protection from the Elements

Last but not least, weather protection. While your base and middle layers keep you dry and warm, your outerwear layer should be designed to face the elements. A wind- and water-resistant shell, windbreaker or rain jacket can be your best defense against rain, wind and snow.


Check out our Layering for Warmth and Comfort video for more insight from L.L.Bean’s expert product developers.


Now, don’t forget your hands, head and feet: Before you head out into below-freezing temperatures, cover your ears with a snug winter hat, slip on a good pair of waterproof gloves and make sure your toes are bundled in a sturdy pair of breathable socks.


Here’s one last pro-tip: For adventures away from home, pack a small backpack so that you can shed layers as you go. As temperatures fluctuate throughout the day, you’ll be grateful to have a pack in which to store your layers.


What’s your best tip for staying warm when the mercury drops?


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