Meet Three L.L.Bean Gear Giveaway Winners


We recently wrapped up our 100th anniversary Get Out (fitted) Gear Giveaway.  Our goal was to give away L.L.Bean gear to lucky folks every day in 2012 to help them get outside and make new outdoor discoveries.


We’ve read more than 15,000 entries. Some funny, some poetic, some that truly moved us, and all supporting a shared appreciation for getting outdoors. With each entry, we were reminded of the feeling that a night under the stars, a day trip on a kayak, or a hike through the woods can provide, reinforcing the importance of a life lived in the outdoors.  We had 366 winners resulting in countless outdoor adventures made possible by L.L.Bean.


Now let’s meet the final three winners.


Lisa L. of Abbotsford, WI, enjoyed multiple camping trips with her family as a young girl. Now, she wants to show her two daughters all the outdoor activities she loved while growing up. She wrote, “My two daughters haven’t experienced camping, fishing, or crayfish hunting or blueberry picking. They have already missed out on years of weekend camping trips and that makes me feel sad. I want my daughters to feel what I felt and experience what I experienced, and I want them to have the amazing childhood memories that I have.”


Daughters of Gear Giveaway Winner Lisa L.

Lisa’s daughters


As a result of this touching entry, Lisa received an Adventure Dome 4-Person Tent and a couple of L.L.Bean flannel-lined sleeping bagsfor the girls. Happy trails to this next generation of outdoor adventurers!


Native New Yorker David S. recently moved to Johnson City, TN, and developed a passion for the nature at his fingertips. For his anniversary, he wants to take his wife to Yosemite National Park. He wrote (in a poetic fashion): “Instead of a city-folk cruise for our one year, we want to embrace nature’s best. Never having been out West together, we can only imagine what’s in store – but allow me to say, there isn’t anything we would rather do more.”


Gear Giveaway Winner David S. and wife

David and his wife


We outfitted this young couple with their own AT 55-Packs, designed for backpackers who want to go fast and light. Yosemite will certainly set the stage for an adventurous anniversary.


Karen R. of Alexandria, Maine, enjoys cross-country skiing with her daughter – and now she’d like her twin granddaughters to join in. She wrote, “These two outdoor girls want to do everything their mother does. They like to hike, ice skate, sled down the hills, and are even learning to ‘mush’ with a small team of husky dogs. I guess it’s time to outfit these girls so they can keep up with the big kids and expand their outdoor adventures past the backyard and field.”


Gear Giveaway Winner Karen R. and family

Karen and her family


We’ve outfitted the twins with our Juniors’ Discovery Positrack Ski Set, and hope the girls will enjoy “keeping up” with their mom and grandmother.


Congratulations to our final three gear giveaway winners!

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