L.L.Bean Christmas Catalog Covers


For our 100th anniversary, we recreated four favorite catalog covers from years past with the help of renowned photographer Randal Ford. From fishing trips to an idyllic riverside scene, each illustration has come to life through Randal’s sharp eye and creative touch. Now, we’d like to celebrate the holidays by sharing our 2012 Christmas catalog cover, the fourth and final in this special anniversary series.


Below is the original illustration, published in 1991.


1991 Christmas Cover


And here’s the recreation, shot in February 2012.



Recreating this winter wonderland wasn’t as easy as it looks. L.L.Bean creative directors Marcia Minter and Jenna Klein Jonsson wanted to shoot the scene in Maine to keep the cover authentic, but due to last year’s mild winter, they had trouble finding a place with enough snow.


After scouting multiple sites, they decided on Sugarloaf’s Outdoor Center and the open bog they use for cross-country skiing.


To capture the feel of the 1940s (the intended era in the original), the creative team pulled apparel from the L.L.Bean archives and vintage film houses. The vintage skis in the photo are from the L.L.Bean archives.


The models are friends of L.L.Bean. The photo features L.L.Bean employee Mary Rose M. and her family, all who have experience in front of the camera, and a little boy who modeled for L.L.Bean previously.


Looks like the creative team’s search for a snowy spot paid off. We think they did a fantastic job recreating yet another catalog classic.


Now, take a look at L.L.Bean’s Randal Ford recreations one, two and three. Which is your favorite?


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