L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Products – Media Spotlight


As we near the end of our 100th anniversary year, we’re putting the spotlight on a few specialty products created just for our anniversary that also proved to be a hit with the media.


Men’s JournalGeorge Soule Coastal Duck Call


L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary George Soule Coaster Duck Call, $149


Men’s Journal describes this duck call as “mantle worthy” and says this collectible doesn’t skimp on quality accouterments. You’ll find brass details, an engraved walnut barrel and a stopper carved from Latin American cocobolo, all handsomely packaged in a wooden display box. Best of all, only 300 were made, so you won’t feel too guilty if it rarely leaves your den.


Outside Magazine – Wooden Snowshoes


L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Snowshoes, $329


Outside Magazine showcased our beautifully crafted wooden snowshoes in its “This We Like” column. They like L.L.Bean “Because of its awesome return policy. Because it still sells hand-sewn moccasins and old-school snowshoes. Because it has never cared about being cool.”


Portland Press HeraldCollector’s Edition Coastal Decoy Set


L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Coastal Decoy Set, $795


Bob Humphrey of the Portland Press Herald wrote, “Second only to the Maine Hunting Shoe as a symbol of the company are its Coastal Decoys, once hand-carved out of cork and pine by George Soule. In 1935, Soule ran a fly-tying business for Bean’s mail-order house. He also shared his love for hunting black duck with the company’s owner, but was critical of his employer’s equipment.  ‘Old L.L. had a ragtag set of round-bottom wooden tollers that skittered, bobbed and pitched like seagoing rocking horses in the slightest chop,’ Soule recalled. In the same spirit as Bean, Soule set to building a better block.”


L.L.Bean’s 100th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Coastal Decoy Set pays tribute to George Soule. Each decoy is carved using George’s original master, then hand-painted in fine detail and signed by award-winning decoy-maker Steve Brettell. Brettell, one of Soule’s good friends, has been carving and painting decoys for over 25 years. He brings each decoy to life with skill and attention to each feather. Glass eyes and a beveled wooden tail complete the finishing touches. This is a limited-edition run of 100 sets of two decoys. Includes one Black Duck Drake Stand-Up decoy and one Hen Feeder decoy. Made in the USA and Canada.


Selectism100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe


L.L.Bean 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe, $139


Fashion and style blog Selectism featured L.L.Bean’s 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe.


Leon Leonwood  Bean invented the Maine Hunting Shoe 100 years ago after returning from hunting in the Maine woods with cold, damp feet and a revolutionary idea to combine leather uppers with rubber bottoms. Our 100th anniversary version closely replicates the very first pair L.L. invented – reintroducing the red brick bottom found on early boots in our archives.


Sporting ClassicsCollector’s Knife with Display Box


100th Anniversary Collector’s Knife with Display Box, $749


Sporting Classics featured all three anniversary knives, including our exquisite 100th Anniversary Collector’s Knife, which has been produced in a limited edition of 750.  They write, “Reviews for this knife have been exceptional, ranking its usability, durability and refinement as top of the line.  The only problem with this knife is the question you’ll have to ask yourself:  Will I use it?”



  1. KJC | December 1, 2012 | 1:37 pm

    Why not have a contest where your patrons can win some of these items? While i was in your Freeport, Maine, store Thursday I had awesome help. I appreciate the patrons first approach to shopping.

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